Piia Karhu | Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

Piia Karhu, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience, Finnair

Piia is responsible for Customer experience at Finnair consisting of Inflight customer service, Airport customer service, Customer care, Experience development, Customer insights and Ancillary business. At Finnair, she was previously responsible for Network planning and Business development. Prior to Finnair she worked as a management consultant in retail, consumer products, telecommunication and service sectors. .


Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 12:45

CONNECTIVITY PANEL DISCUSSION: Taking in-flight entertainment to the next level - What are the next steps in commercialising connectivity and driving better passenger experiences?

  • How close are we to offering an entertainment experience which is better than anything available on the ground?
  • Has the right business case been proven for various airline models and are we close to seeing a return on investment?
  •  As BYOD becomes more prominent will there be more focus on content over equipment?
  • What is the future of on board immersive technology such as AR & VR?

Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 15:45

How Finnair is using connectivity and digital technology to deliver a more individualised passenger experience to its guests?

  • How you can use connectivity to enhance the on-board passenger experience and deliver more retailing options?
  • What are the challenges of shifting the industry from being transaction focused to customer focused? 
  • Creating an unspoken bond with your guests by offering a more individual experience 

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