Pablo Gomez Gallardo Maass | Vice President Of E-Commerce And Digital Advertising

Pablo Gomez Gallardo Maass, Vice President Of E-Commerce And Digital Advertising, Aeromexico

● BA - Communications, Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City
● MBA - Boston University
● Experienced in developing digital branding and content strategies for major international
brands such as, Heineken, Disney ABC Studios, WWE Studios and Universidad
● Passionate about technology and user experience development which add value to end
users while increasing revenue.
● Joined the Aeromexico team in 2014 as E-Commerce Director. Responsible for
developing an all new digital platform including a web portal and self service airport
● In early 2017, assumes new leadership role and is now in charge of all e-commerce
channels; responsible for development and execution of e-commerce and digital media


Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 13:00

Emerging technologies: the future for customer engagement

  • How can you create that continuous conversation with your passengers to resolve customer issues quickly with bots and agents that are already fully briefed on the customers profile and history?
  • Using chats asynchronous nature to offer a great deal more comfort and less stress to your customers
  • What is the potential for machine learning tools to help us capatilise on customer data and forge more meaningful engagements?

Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 14:05

Panel discussion: How will conversational customer service (public and private) evolve and how do we balance the bots with a human element to avoid a viral crisis?

  • With an intense focus on private messaging in 2018 how should we cater for and prioritise various types of travellers based on their value to the airline?
  • Customers voices are now louder than ever, how do we create meaningful relationships with customer by listening and resolving their issues at the desired touch point?
  • Can humanity in service help truly differentiate your airline and win the travellers excited by the prospect of a highly engaged personalised experience?
  • How close are we to really breaking down internal silos and allowing social to inform business decisions?
last published: 17/Aug/18 10:45 GMT

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