Mattias Forsberg | Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Mattias Forsberg, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, SAS

Mattias is since 2016 Executive Vice President (CIO) for SAS with responsibility for all strategic and operational IT and digital development. Mattias is also currently defining and implementing SAS technology innovation capabilities. Mattias is part of the SAS Group Management and is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to joining SAS, Mattias was CIO at Systembolaget, the Swedish nation-wide retailer of alcoholic beverages. During 2013 Systembolaget IT was rewarded “IT Service Desk of the Year” and Mattias the “CIO of the Year 2013”, the most prominent CIO award in Sweden. Previously Mattias has also been CIO at CIO B&B Tools and strategy/management consultant at Accenture - where his duties included responsibility for Accenture’s IT Strategy Group in Sweden. Mattias has a broad strategy and management profile with focus on strategy and business development and transformation execution. During his career Mattias has worked with some of the largest companies in the Nordics/Europe as well as with start-ups. Mattais holds a Master Degree in Engineering Physics (specializing in data communication) and a Bachelor Degree in Economics from the University of Uppsala.


Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 12:45

What are the main challenges in terms of rethinking current processes and building digital into an airlines DNA?

    What is holding back airline CIOs and CDOs from implementing and executing their digital vision and strategy?How will blockchain help enable new capabilities and remove internal and external barriers?What ongoing implications will the GDPR have on our industry drive for more data driven and personalised services and systems? Uncovering the real potential of Artificial Intelligence: How could AI impact various customer touchpoints and what kind of advancements should we expect to see in 2019?How will airlines integrate VR/AR technology for customer experience and enhanced maintenance operations? Are we going far enough in terms of open innovation and collaboration with start-ups, partners and digital intermediaries?

Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 17:00

Dragons Den

We have partnered with some of the best airline innovation hubs and accelerators from around the world to solve the everyday problems that the aviation industry faces.Some of the very best organisations that have emerged from our research will give a 3-minute pitch on stage to you the audience and to or carefully selected judging panel of some of the industry’s most informed executives.Join us to see how we as an industry can innovate through collaborating with start-ups to meet the needs of our passengers
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