Mariana Fonseca Medina | Director of Ancillary and Merchandising Strategy
American Airlines

Mariana Fonseca Medina, Director of Ancillary and Merchandising Strategy, American Airlines

As Director of Merchandising and Ancillary Strategy, Mariana Fonseca drives the strategy and delivery of American Airlines’ ancillary products, including paid seats, checked bags, upgrades and flight changes.  She is also responsible for establishing and managing partnerships with providers of third party travel products such as hotel stays, rental cars and travel insurance.
With 7 years at the company, Mariana has held multiple leadership positions in Finance, Alliance Strategy and Corporate Planning. Through these roles, she has positively influenced American's revenue growth strategy by balancing the needs of the customers with the service expectations that come from operating the world’s largest carrier.
Mariana holds an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and a Civil Engineering degree from the Instituto Teconologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.  
A fluent Spanish speaker, Mariana lived and worked in Mexico before joining American in Fort Worth, Texas.


Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 11:40

Implementing an ancillary & merchandising strategy in the world’s largest legacy carrier

  • Achieving revenue targets by creating a strong ancillary program at American Airlines
  • Overcoming the limitations that come with scale and focus on loyalty, customer experience and frontline team members
  • Ensuring booking experience is seamless, simple to understand and drives the right KPIs: sharing our successful developments

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 12:10

How can Airlines drive ancillary revenues with new strategies and customer insights?

Topics discussed include:
  • Making sure you have the right partners: expanding out of traditional revenue generators and benefiting from the trend of experience first growth
  • How can all airlines benefit from technologies such as AI and personalisationto increase their ancillarygrowth
  • Maximising your customer engagement & building the trust of your customersin order toown the trip
  • Driving conversion: understanding your customers behaviour and increasing revenue with personalisation
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