Henry Harteveldt | Principal
Atmosphere Research Group

Henry Harteveldt, Principal, Atmosphere Research Group

Henry Harteveldt is one of the travel industry’s most well-known and respected
industry analysts and advisors.

After nearly 12 years as Forrester Research’s travel industry analyst, Henry
founded Atmosphere Research in September 2011. Atmosphere Research
provides independent, objective, and trustworthy research on traveler and
industry marketing, distribution, and technology trends.

Before becoming an analyst, Henry spent more than 15 years in marketing,
planning, and distribution roles at premier travel firms such as TWA, Continental
Airlines, Fairmont Hotel Management Company, and GetThere.

Henry is regularly quoted in media such as The New York Times, Wall Street
Journal, and USA TODAY, and appears on CBS, CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN.

Henry lives in San Francisco and is a graduate of the Tulane University School of
Business. He actively shares his industry perspectives on Twitter (@hharteveldt).


Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 08:15

Join us to explore the future of start-up engagement and investment in the industry with leading investors and airlines

  • Who are the latest successes of corporate start-up engagements in our industry?
  • What should airlines tech focus on for the future of their business?
  • How can airlines and other aerospace companies work with start-ups? should everyone invest? should everyone have innovation teams?
  • How to stay ahead of the pack?
  • What are the biggest barriers of innovation today for our industry?
  • Is competition conducive to innovation in our industry?
  • What is the power of partnerships and co-investments in the start-up ecosystem?

Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 15:25

Closing Keynote panel: Distribution revolution Do airlines now have more control of the distribution landscape and what will the airline vendor relationship look like in 5 years?

    Will the grander vision for airline distribution start to come into play? Can blockchain dramatically reduce distribution costs and will it trigger the emergence of a new business model?Will the technology help wrestle some control from big online travel agencies and global distribution systems?In light of recent uptake from airlines groups in embracing NDC and a new distribution models will we see wholesale change in the sector? As airlines develop their own travel marketplaces how will they manage inventory as well as connections, ancillaries and partner tickets?

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 08:40

Chairman’s opening remarks

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 08:45

Industry game changer Interview: Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates

Industry legend Sir Tim sits down with Henry Harteveldt to discuss:
    How is the airline industry adapting to rapidly changing passenger behaviours and what kind of technological decisions should we be making to stay ahead of the curve?Embracing the revolution and understanding the next wave of big changes – Windowless planes, AI, biometrics, blockchain and hyper personalisationThe future of global distribution systems: How Emirates plans to remove digital intermediaries and take control of its offering

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 09:00

How United’s technological innovations exemplify the convergence of man and machine, the path to autonomous mobility and global connectivity.

  • Autonomous trends among the aviation landscape in particular – and how technology, innovation and data are transforming both customer service and key hub economies.
  • The tools and applications that are shifting the airline industry as employees and customers gain greater control of the travel experience, especially within a connected world.
  • How the right technology can help companies connect people and provide the best possible customer experience.

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 09:30

What will be the key digital disruptions in the next 5 years and how will blockchain, AI, Machines Learning, data, Wi-Fi and cyber security help shape the future of the industry?

  • What are the key potential touchpoints for artificial intelligence and how much of a priority will AI applications be for the airline industry by 2019?
  • Will blockchain live up to the hype and be the panacea for data exchange that the airline industry desperately needs?
  • What will the next generation of in In-flight connectivity and on-board entertainment services and products look like?
  • How can airlines effectively transition into digital companies that fly planes?

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 10:00

Understanding the future of distribution: What will the airline distribution model look like in the next 5 years and what role will Global Distribution Systems play?

  • How will airline distribution evolve and what will the relationship with the customer look like in 3-5 years?
  • Reshaping the role of the GDSs - Do you need an intermediary at all?
  • What technological innovations are going to permit access to richer content and more personalisation?

Aviation Festival - Day 3 @ 11:10

Fireside chat: Finnair: Transforming a traditional airline into an intelligent travel ecosystem by 2020

    sits down with Henry Harteveldt to discuss:
  • How Finnair is using digitalisation to develop a Nordic travel ecosystem
  • What is the future for AI, facial recognition and platform thinking?
  • Understanding the near future for robotics– What are the trends and how will they impact us in the next 2-3 years?
last published: 18/Jul/18 08:15 GMT

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