Erik-Jan Gelink | Chief Commercial Officer
Transavia Airlines

Erik-Jan Gelink, Chief Commercial Officer, Transavia Airlines

Erik-Jan Gelink is Chief Commercial Officer at Transavia, the leading LCC in the Netherlands. Erik-Jan oversees network planning, scheduling, revenue management, direct & indirect sales, marketing and customer service. He has a background in the telecoms & media sector, and he is passionate about the impact of technology on organizations & the value it can bring for customers and employees.


Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 14:40

Innovator Keynote: How Transavia aims to become to the most innovative airlines in Europe by implementing a new role based, non-hierarchical way of working inspired by agile scrums & lean-start-ups

  •  The external environment is changing rapidly, how can we adapt and be more flexible and keep up with passenger demands?
  • How can you combine cost leadership and digital innovation to help differentiate your products and compete effectively?
  • What are the results from most recent trials and experiments with chatbots, flight search and blockchain technology? 

Aviation Festival - Day 2 @ 15:25

Competition and pricing - How can LCCs combine digital tech and smart pricing techniques to differentiate their products & deliver value to mobile natives?

  • What is stopping our ability to collect and wield customer data needed to optimise total revenue?
  • Why is it so hard to manage both prices and inventory in real-time? 
  • Using AI to capture relevant information that will help us make better business decisions 
  • Personalised ancillaries: Where are airlines missing the mark on personalisation? 
  • How can machine learning help close direct sales?
  • Introducing smarter dynamics and analytics into your pricing structure to support profitable growth

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