Brian Gross | Vice President of Digital Innovation

Brian Gross, Vice President of Digital Innovation, Aeromexico

Brian Gross led the digital transformation of Aeromexico, launching all-new web, API, check-in, CRM, email and payments platforms in under two years. He continues to drive innovation, with a focus on artificial intelligence  – the airline was one of the first companies worldwide to provide AI-powered customer service on WhatsApp's enterprise platform. Previously,

Brian launched new apps at AT&T in Atlanta, web banking at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam, and evangelized great user experiences as a Forrester analyst.   Brian originally hails from Los Angeles and attended UCLA and the Rotterdam School of Management.


Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 13:00

Aeromexico Case Study: How Aeromexico are using chat as a revolutionary new channel to generate a mix of marketing, journey-related and customer service related conversations with passengers?

  • How can you create that continuous conversation with your passengers to resolve customer issues quickly with bots and agents that are already fully briefed on the customers profile and history?
  • Using chats asynchronous nature to offer a great deal more comfort and less stress to your customers
  • What is the potential for machine learning tools to help us capatilise on customer data and forge more meaningful engagements? 

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