Aidan Brogan | Chief Executive Officer
Datalex Ireland Ltd

Aidan Brogan, Chief Executive Officer, Datalex Ireland Ltd

Aidan Brogan joined Datalex in 1994. Aidan was appointed to the Board on 25 June 2012, and took up the role of CEO on 11 September 2012. Prior to taking up the CEO position Aidan was SVP of sales, and was instrumental in building the leading product and market position for Datalex. With nearly 20 years’ experience in the airline and travel industry, Aidan’s background includes project management, system design, product development, marketing, business planning and international sales. Previous to this Aidan served a variety of roles for Westinghouse in Dubai, UAE, in its airline and travel business in the Middle East such as Regional Sales Manager and a range of support and development roles.


Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 15:45

Reshaping airline distribution channels through digital technology

  • How could an airline pursue ancillary revenue growth while retaining cost discipline?
  • What patterns are emerging in online booking?
  • How could airlines develop a personalised product/service to engage with travellers?

Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 16:00

Developing an integrated digital platform to engage with travellers on their end-to-end journey

  • What role is mobile playing now and what potential is there moving forward?
  • What are the current status of applications of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the Chinese airline industry?
  • Which channels are reshaping travel distribution in China?
  • How does social media affect Chinese consumers’ traveller behaviour?
  • What are the major trends shifting towards more comprehensive travel apps in the Chinese market?
  • How could airlines and IT companies driving business growth through partnership?
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