Since 2002 WorldTicket has specialized in airline IT solutions and services, specifically for the needs of the mid-sized and regional airlines. WorldTicket A/S is incorporated in Denmark, with a fully owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom and additional offices for sales, support and development in Kiev, Ukraine, Beijing, China and Bangkok, Thailand.

Our acclaimed airline PSS solution is called Sell-More- Seats ® (SMS).  SMS is connected to the major GDS’ at the highest level of connectivity and is 100% IATA e-ticket compliant. It is developed with an exceptionally high level of advanced functionality, but in a user-friendly and flexible environment.
Unique for WorldTicket, is our W2 GDS Sub-Hosting®. The acquisition of the regional airline FlexFlight (IATA code W2), allowed Worldticket to provide with a faster way into the GDS's and without any upfront costs.

With W2 TKT® Worldticket provides major world airlines with global BSP sales. With this solutions Worldticket is breaking with the traditions and introduces a ticketing product at half the cost of the industry standard and with better commercial conditions.

WorldTicketeCommerce® is Worldticket latest generation of airline website sales. The Online Sales platform allows easy integration to partners with airline and non-airline content. It also allows to tailor Aairline market appearance with specialized websites for target audiences and the ability to price tickets and SSR depending on the customer group. Promotion Management is another enhancement and the ability to capture customer behavior is also included.

WorldTicket Dimensions® covers solutions within other dimensions, e.g. crew and flight management, operations management and departure control.
WorldTicket is the leading European provider in our target group and is currently the provider of PSS solutions and GDS distribution for more than 50 airlines in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

Our company mission is to enable airlines to improve their passenger experience and with more than 15 years of experience as an airline supplier, W1 has grown to hold position as an innovative and visionary global provider and a game changer in the industry.


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The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class international conference featuring leading airline speakers from around the world; and   a technology exhibition showcasing the latest innovations global leaders to the start-ups.   To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.


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