TripCreator is an award-winning trip planning solution that offers Travel Agencies and Airlines a solution to assist their customers in planning their trips. This includes locating and arranging accommodation, transportation, tours and activities and points of interests.

Our Team: 
In order to come to reality every great idea needs a team of dedicated people who have the winning combination of vision, ambition and skills to put things in motion.

The TripCreator team is just that!

With a common goal of seeing opportunity where others see challenges we are all dedicated to making travel planning easy. Passionate about our work and eager to see TripCreator blossom in markets around the world, we just have one thing to say:

Anything is possible!
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Conference 5-7 September • Exhibition & Seminars 6-7 September


The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class international conference featuring leading airline speakers from around the world; and a technology exhibition showcasing the latest innovations global leaders to the start-ups.

To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.


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