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SolringAir is a dynamic software company specializing in building innovative solutions for airlines.
Our IT products have robust capabilities to optimize the costs, increase ancillary revenue streams, elevating the UX/UI, and well as heightened brand positioning in the airline e-commerce arena.
We guide our clients in growing their yields, facilitating a “hybrid model”, revitalizing under-performing channels, developing ancillary revenues, expanding affiliate programs & reducing operational costs
Our team has 10+ years experience in the airline and travel domain.
SolringAir solutions and products:
  • Internet Booking Engine  ( Web and Mobile iOS, Android)
  • eCHECK-IN ( Web, Kiosks and Mobile iOS, Android)
  • Automated Check-in and Overbooking Manager 
  • e Invitations ( email, push, sms, social channels etc.)
  • Ancillary Shopping ( seats, meals, baggage, other air and non-air services) 
  • Manage My Booking ( refund, revalidation, reissue, ancillaries, upgrade etc.)
  • Marketing and Campaign Suite (personalized and generic) 
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