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SolringAir is a dynamic software company specialized in building innovative solutions for airlines. 

Our IT products have robust capabilities which optimize costs, increase ancillary revenue streams, elevate UX/UI, as well as heighten brand positioning in the airline e-commerce arena.

We are the first mover in developing IT software projects for Airlines and the Travel industry. We equip our clients to enable them grow their yield, facilitate  “hybrid models”, revitalize under-performing channels, develope ancillary revenue, expand affiliate programs and reduce operational costs.

Our team has 10+ years experience in the airline and travel domain. 

SolringAir solutions and products for airlines:
- Internet Booking Engine  ( Web and Mobile iOS, Android) 
- eCHECK-IN ( Web, Kiosks and Mobile iOS, Android)
- Automated Check-in and Overbooking Manager  
- e-Invitations ( email, push, sms, social channels etc.) 
- Ancillary Shopping ( seats, meals, baggage, other air and non-air services)  
- Manage My Booking ( refund, revalidation, reissue, ancillaries, upgrade etc.)
- Marketing and Campaign Suite (personalized and generic)  

We complement our airline and travel  industry experience with practices which enable our clients  leverage opportunities in these markets.

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