We are a Spanish company that design and

manufacture solutions to improve the passenger

experience, the airport operations and generate

ancillary revenues at the same time.

The innovation is in our DNA and if you want to

innovate, the first step is to find the pain . If you find

the pain you will have the opportunity to create a

product customers love.

We found the pain (at the airports there are a lot of

pain points) in the way today the airports and airlines

manage one of the most disturbing process for

passengers at the airport: the carry-on baggage

weight and size control

Why do we have such specific carry-on baggage

policies without the tools to enforce them?

Why do the boarding process and specifically the

carry-on baggage weight and size control continue to

be one of the most badly rated processes in the

airport flow?

How is the process currently?

● Disturbing, because introducing the

carry-on baggage inside the sizer usually

comes along with a discussion with a

handling agent.

● Inefficient and time consuming, because it is

difficult to enforce the airlines hand

baggage policies with the metal sizer.

● Subjective, not all passengers are treated


● Time wasting, doing bag tags by hand.

We have designed a system to solve these problems

and has been selected by the IATA as one of the

three most innovative product in the world.

The “Cabin Baggage Checker” is a tool to help

airlines and airports to handle with the cabin

baggage problem.

Is an electronic sizer that using artificial intelligence

analyze weight and size in relation with the airlines

cabin baggage policies and doing so:

● Introduce innovation in an outdated


● Solve one of the most important pain points

for passengers, airports, airlines and

Ground Handlers companies.