AeroCRS services are provided by Enoya-one LTD, an established company from Tel Aviv-yafo, Israel.

Since 2004, the company team provides aviation software for the travel industry around the world, specializing in the complexity of travel industry the schedule based and charter in a scattered area.

AeroCRS team is comprised from support staff, developers and designers, as the AeroCRS system is a very flexible solution we are able to change the system so it will fit all airline operators in the industry, as we also maintain customer’s websites and provide them with specific website design or changes in our template design of their website.

In our company we put our main concern is the airline which will get the most efficient service, if it is a service request or a simple request for a small change in the system, most of the issues are resolved within hours or days at our 24/7 support desk, from E-mail, chat, facebook messenger or twitter, your ticket will be solved, while some of them which require special development will be inserted into our schedule of development at no charge for you, unless you request this programming to be dedicated for you only.

AeroCRS is built on a powerful cloud infrastructure composed from several servers, all of our company servers are located in IBM and AWS giving us the flexibility of growth.

AeroCRS provides 4 major services to airlines:

  • AeroCRS PSS - our main core system, allowing an airline to launch global distribution in one week, including PSS, DCS, OPS, FFP, Revenue management, reporting and more.

  • AeroCRS Network - our own networking connections, which will help the airline gain visibility with Travelfusion, Kiwi, Kayak, Skyscanner, Momondo and more.

  • AeroCRS Digital - our own marketing agency specifically for airlines integrated to our revenue management solution.

  • AeroCRS Analytics - our own BI and Reporting tool based on Qlik.

Airlines may choose any of the above services or a combination at a flexible and affordable price.

AeroCRS vision is to be the leading supplier of airline solutions for the regional and domestic market.

AeroCRS is currently used by 51 airlines worldwide, among our customers are FlyViking, TUS Airways, Airkenya, Safarilink, Coastal Aviation, Sky Angkor, Golden Myanmar, Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Air Excel, Sunrise airways and many more.

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