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A Pathway to Digital Retail: People define goals, technologies execute them

5th September | 10:30–12:00

Technology can’t change the landscape until your people, your systems and your processes catch up.

  • What does the future airline retail organisation look like?
  • How to keep systems and processes humming for predictable outcomes while investing for digital futures. 
  • Standards are not enough (NDC) - what is the business model





Collaborative Innovation   Workshop

5th September | 13:00–14:30

Passenger air travel today usually starts on a device screen and ends by returning home with luggage intact. This professionally facilitated Innovation Workshop will center on what’s next in digital passenger services specifically as it pertains to the customer experience. It will cover: 

  • The Sales Experience 
  • Day of Travel
  • How to Keep Passengers Coming Back





Creating a consistent experience throughout your in-flight connectivity footprint

7th September | 12:10–13:20

With in-flight connectivity (IFC) ramping up across the fleet it becomes harder to deliver a unified experience throughout multiple aircrafts and on-board systems. Passengers demand a consistent and up-to-date experience across all digital touchpoints which is crucial for monetizing digital services such as in-flight connectivity. 





Digital transformation in the airline

7th September | 14:10–15:20

Airlines are embarking on a second wave of digital transformation. The first wave was all about adding business value and getting the customer to work for us. In the second wave we have to know the customer, serve the customer and build customer value. That’s a big shift when our existing digital set-up is organised for sales, not service.  





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