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The exhibition of the Aviation Festival is FREE TO ATTEND and will be open from the 6th to the 7th September in London. 

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Technology Seminars - 6 September

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Airline Passenger Experience

  • The changes that will likely occur in the aviation industry as a result of AI
  • How to drive real incremental revenue, and increase operational efficiency and excellence through AI
  • How to deliver joined-up, consistent and truly 1:1 customer experiences that ultimately drive better business outcomes

David Hoar, Director, Enterprise Sales & Consultancy, Boxever

  David Hoar, Director, Enterprise Sales & Consultancy, Boxever Boxever

3rd Party Ancillaries - The CarTrawler Way 

  • Discussing the general approach adapted by airlines for integrating 3rd-party ancillaries
  • How they need to consider moving away from the traditional method in order to maximise revenue and offer a more consolidated customer experience

Ritchie Materson, Head of Commercial Integrations, CarTrawler

  Ritchie Materson,  Head of Commercial Integrations,  CarTrawler Cartrawler

Airline Transformation: Edging into New Territory

  • Get an Edge: Gain more ownership of the travel experience
  • Embrace the Edge: Taking advantage of unified, open platforms, common architecture oriented for growth
  • Be Leading Edge: Why a single retail-centric platform, extensible yet fully integrated with your core airline services, makes all the difference

Mike Thompson, Head of Sales, EMEA & Americas, Navitaire, an Amadeus Company

Mike Thompson, Head of Commercial Integration, Navitaire, an Amadeus Company Navitaire

Harnessing the power of big data: the first step in your digital journey

  • The conversation is about harnessing this data to drive better decisions in all facets of an airline’s business
  • Airlines and other travel companies do not have the luxury of ignoring this data-  According to travel data daily, bad data costs united airlines 1B Annually 
  • Data speaks volumes: about the traveler, about the market, about the airline’s pricing strategy
  • Harnessing the power of this data is a critical requirement for all travel companies through a combination of data, technology and machine learning

Anand Medepalli, Chief Product Officer, RateGain

Anand Medepalli,  Chief Product Officer,  RateGain Hepstar

Increase your ancillary revenue with parking!

  • Airport parking solutions in more than 50 countries
  • Free parking offer
  • Case studies

Sarah Borsoi, International Partnership Manager, Travelcar

Sarah Borsoi,  International Partnership Manager,  Travelcar travelcar

95% non-purchasers of travel insurance –> A conversion conundrum or massive opportunity?

  • Identifying contextual and behavioural trends to gain a deep understanding of customers and their insurance purchasing tendencies 
  • Utilising machine learning to generate relevant product offerings, with data learnings serving as a catalyst for product development 
  • Shaking the insurance stigma by changing the customer’s value perception (responsive and targeted merchandising)

Heinrich Brand, Co-Founder, Hepstar

Heinrich Brand,  Co-Founder,  Hepstar Hepstar

Next Generation Planning Solutions

  • Revenue Management trends, challenges and solutions
  • Scheduling trends, challenges and solutions
  • The Integration Advantage

Jason Codd, Senior Vice-President - Services, RTS


Driving Maximum Ancillary Revenue

  • Audience and touch points
  • Product, pricing and display: how to convert
  • Case studies from industry-leading airlines

Mark Pegler, Managing Director, Parkcloud

Mark Pegler,  Managing Director,  Parkcloud HolidayTaxis

How can airlines monetize data and increase ancillary revenues?

  • Airlines are collecting a lot of data from its' passengers, however it is time to convert this data into profit
  • Digital platforms as enablers of data monetization
  • Example of data monetizing platform for ancillaries

Chris Keen, Managing Director - Platforms & Products & Member of the Board, Comtrade

Chris Keen, Managing Director - Platforms & Products & Member of the Board, Comtrade comtrade

How can airlines best leverage ground transportation without hidden costs or guest uncertainty?

  • As one of the least understood travel expenses, we uncover 11 hidden costs of ground transportation
  • The market opportunity to offer a seamless door-to-door service for customers exists and is ready to be unleashed as an ancillary service

Sascha Meskendahl, CRO (Chief Revenue Officer), Blacklane

Sascha Meskendahl,  CRO (Chief Revenue Officer),  Blacklane Blacklane

What are the drivers now for Inflight Retail purchases?

  • What is the future for Inflight Retail?
  • Who are going to be the main influencers?

Joe Harvey, Senior Manager, Global Boutique Development, Retail in Motion

Joe Harvey,  Senior Manager, Global Boutique Development,  Retail in Motion Retail In Motion

Dynamic Pricing Delivered 

  • A clear pricing strategy is the first step to intelligent retailing. As part of Sabre's new airline commerical platform, they are officially launching new Dynamic Pricing Solutions that will enable intelligent decision support and airline revenue optimisation.
  • Join them in the exhibition hall for their exciting launch announcement. 

Pramod Jain, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions Management, Sabre

  Pramod Jain Aviation Festival 2018 Sabre Aviation Festival

Wow Air Case Study

  • Developing a comprehensive upgrade strategy
  • Putting your new program and processes in place
  • Executing and monitoring your program to maximize performance

Emma Welfare, VP Product, Plusgrade

Emma Welfare Retail In Motion

Atli Bjarnson, Project Manager, Wow Air

Atli Bjarnason Retail In Motion


Unique ATA.ONE Distribution Platform for distressed inventory

  • Disruptive technology platform which is helping airlines to increase PLF and ROI
  • Solution that changes consumer behaviour and unlocks a new customer market  
  • Free and easy to implement cloud based solution

Srdjan Cimas, Senior Sales Manager, ATA One

Srdjan Cimas, Senior Sales Manager, ATA One ATA ONE

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Technology Seminars - 7 September



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How to monetize the world’s busiest & fastest connected airspace?

  • How can additional quality requirements be met due to high-density?
  • Through which means can we improve product quality whilst cutting costs for airlines and passengers alike?
  • How to shape and transform existing challenges to form new business cases for airlines and service providers?

David Fox, VP of Inflight Services and Connectivity, Deutsche Telekom

David Fox,  VP of Inflight Services and Connectivity,  Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom

Creating a billion-dollar digital marketplace inflight 

  • What incremental revenue streams are opened up by connecting with passengers onboard through their mobile devices
  • What roles do both captive wireless IFE portals and connectivity play in maximising this opportunity
  • Insight into a typical/recent business model / deployment case study

Martin Cunninson, CCO, AirFi

Martin Cunninson,  CCO,  AirFi AirFi

Influence of digital touchpoints in customer interaction – a case study based on digital reading material

  • Development of media usage behavior through progressive digitalization
  • Offer new services to your customers – digital reading material and their touchpoints
  • Integration of touchpoints – Case study

Patrick King , Commercial Director, Media Carrier

Patrick King, Commercial Director, Media Carrier Media Carrier

Utilising Bluetooth on an A380 as a Cockpit and Cabin Crew Virtual Private Network

  • Challenges of mesh networking with dual deck aircraft
  • Virtual network functionality and implementing autonomous back systems 
  • Integrating the on-board network with off-board connectivity for operations

Adam Chapman,  Marketing Director,  AS IP

Adam Chapman,   Marketing Director,  AS IP AS IP

Switching to IFE on mobile and to digital press

  • Reducing board weight and costs to improve passenger experience
  • Airlines are switching due to the significant costs savings in fuel, logistics and cleaning
  • IFE platforms increase airline app download, app retention and allow interactions with passengers

David Fairand,  Co-Founder & COO,  Adaptive Channel

Co-Founder & COO Adaptive Channel

Digital Transformation in the Cabin Operations

  • How does your chief flight attendants process all flight related forms?
  • Did you start digital transformation initiatives to enhance your passanger’s experience in the cabin?
  • How can you make it happen?
Gizem Uslu , Business Analyst, Turkish Airlines
Gizem Uslu Innova

Smart Travel – a seamless journey from door-to-door

  • RFID technologies as field proven solution for the aviation industry
  • Deep dive in baggage handling use case  
  • Leveraging the potential by connecting IoT technologies

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager, RAIN RFID Solutions,

Ecem Gurces, Marketing Communication Specialist, Innova Innova

Pankaj Shukla , Director of Business Development,  RFID at Zebra Technologies

Gizem Uslu Innova

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