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The exhibition of the Aviation Festival is FREE TO ATTEND and will be open from the 6th to the 7th September in London. 

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Visitors Seminars - 6 September

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Panel: NDC, distribution chaos for TMC’s or calm waters ahead?

  • Is the IATA vision of 20 airlines transacting 20% of their volume through NDC connects in 2020 achievable?
  • What volume of transactions will that mean have to be achieved in an airlines home markets? 
  • What will be the main catalyst for achievement of the target?
  • What is missing today that needs to change to have calmer waters ahead?
Moderator: Steve Dunne
Chief Executive
Digital Drums Ltd

Moderator Steve Dunne Aviation Festival 2018

Paul Saggar
Chief Innovation Officer
Capita Travel & Events

Paul Saggar Aviation Festival

Pat Mcdonagh

Pat Mcdonagh Aviation Festival

Ian Heywood
Global Head of Product and Marketing
Air Commerce   
Ian Heywood
Nikki Ping
Distribution Development Manager
British Airways 
Nikki Ping



Panel: NDC, will a great retailing and personalisation experience be the key measure of traveller satisfaction?

  • How will personalisation improve the overall travel experience?
  • Will airlines deliver successfully on the ancillary products sold?
  • What really defines a great customer experience for an airline?
  • Will the retailing and personalisation experience be lost to poor service delivery?
Moderator: Steve Dunne
Chief Executive
Digital Drums Ltd

Moderator Steve Dunne Aviation Festival 2018

Clive Wratten

Clive Wratten Aviation Festival 2018

Mick Gibbs 
Norad Travel

Mick Gibbs Aviation Festival  

Rami El-Dahshan
Head of TMC Sales 
Virgin Atlantic 

Rami El-Dahshan Aviation Festival

Yanik Hoyles 
Director NDC  

Yanik Hoyles Aviation Festival






Optimising AI chatbots for seamless customer journeys

  • Understand how chatbots can be integrated into customer service strategies
  • Analyse the benefits of AI to the entire customer experience
  • Evaluate the most effective means of generating ancillary revenue via machine learning
Dominic Ashmore  
Contact Optimisation Lead  
Thomas Cook Airlines 

Dominic Ashmore Aviation Festival


Building a ‘best in partnering’ playbook at Virgin Atlantic

  • Discover how the Virgin Atlantic is streamlining the seams of digital and physical passenger experience with strategic partnerships
  • Unpack how the Alliances Team have delivered vital objectives and achieved interdepartmental buy-in
  • Evaluate the effect on customer satisfaction, commercial benefits and key takeaways
Anthony Woodman
Head of Alliances 
Virgin Atlantic 

Anthony Woodman Aviation Festival


Understanding and incorporating progressive technologies for improved customer experience

  • Evaluate the new technologies customers want to be made available
  • Discover the benefits of improved customer experience by implementing digital services 
  • Create opportunities for optimising ancillary revenue
Carly Morris 
Product Development Manager 
IAG Cargo

Carly Morris


Data and design: co-creating digital solutions with customers and colleagues

  • Discover how Operations Decision Support are adopting design thinking, data science, and engineering, in order to make KLM the most data-driven airline in the world
  • Capitalising on customer and employee collaboration to develop innovative solutions, products & services
  • Discover examples of digital solutions that are contributing to an organisational-wide cultural change through a unique development process
Ocky Wiemeijer
Product Manager Operations Decision Support
Ocky Wiemeijer Aviation Festival

The impact of digitalisation on talent acquisition

  • Contemplate whether digitalisation has created a ‘war for’ or ‘war on’ talent in commercial aviation
  • Discuss the impact of millennials in the workplace and managing generational clash
  • Understand the relevance of culture and employer brand to talent strategies and the commercial benefits of their development
  • Which strategies can airlines use to retain their top talent once it has been won?
Moderator: Claire Steiner
Director & Chair of Education and Training Commitee 
Institute of Travel and Tourism 
Claire Steiner Aviation Festival
Sally Williams 
Resourcing Partner
Virgin Atlantic  
Sallu Williams Aviation Festival
Minttu Sinisalo  
Head of Strategic Workforce Planning and Talent

Minttu Sinisalo

Kristjan Pétur Sæmundsson
Recruiter Director  

Kristján Pétur Sæmundsson Aviation Festival

Susie Reckitt
Director of Strategy 

Kristján Pétur Sæmundsson Aviation Festival


Close of Day 1 Seminars


Women in Travel Mixer

To complement our focus on diversity in the industry, we want to embrace the opportunity we have to provide a platform for women to come together, share experiences and take some inspiration back to their organisations. You are welcome to join us at the mixer after the Future Aviation Leaders seminars.  
Bonny Simi
JetBlue Technology Ventures
Bonny Simi Aviation Festival


Technology Seminars - 7 September




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Panel: Is it all about content for the TMC and corporate travel buyer?

  • How important is total content availability to the buyer, booker and traveller?
  • Can total content be delivered in a well-managed travel programme?
  • Where does content rank in travel buyers priorities?
  • Will lowest logical fare still rule in a new distribution world?
    Moderator: Steve Dunne
    Chief Executive
    Digital Drums Ltd

    Steve Dunne

    Darren Foster
    Snr Alliance Manager EMEA

    Darren Foster Aviation Festival

    Nicola Foster
    Travel Category Manager 

    Nicola Foster Aviation Festival

    Andy Slough 
    Technology Lead
    Business Travel Direct 

    Andy Slough Aviation Festival

    Dave Bishop   
    Commerical Director 
    Gray Dawes Group   

    Dave Bishop Aviation Festival




Panel: How do TMC’s and Travel Buyers manage Duty of Care in a disrupted World?

  • What impacts are todays changes in distribution having on Duty of Care?
  • How do TMC’s and Travel Buyers work together to reduce programme leakage and drive up adoption?
  • What priority level do TMC’s and travel Buyers place on Wellness in travel and Duty of care?
  • Who should own the Duty of Care policy for Corporate UK?
    Moderator: Steve Dunne
    Chief Executive
    Digital Drums Ltd

    Steve Dunne

    Darryl McGarvey 

    Darryl McGarvey Aviation Festival

    Mike Atherton 
    Mantic Point Solutions

    Mike Atherton Aviation Festival

    Andrew Burroughes 
    Business Travel & Technology Director 
    Business Travel Direct
    Andrew Burroughs Aviation Show





Accelerating change with diversity & inclusion: How can the aviation and travel industry evolve to overcome the massive skills shortage? 

  • 77% of CEOs had or planned to implement a diversity strategy last year, what is the business case for these in aviation?
  • With more FTSE 100 CEOs called David and Steve than are women and in light of the gender pay gap reporting this year, what are the biggest challenges to gender equality in commercial aviation and how can they be overcome?
  • How can the industry evolve its equal gendered, BAME and LGBTQ+ representation at all levels to beyond a quota?
  • Evaluate the importance and commercial benefits of inclusion to retaining diverse talent within your organisation
Moderator: Catherine Burton 
Aviation & Diversity Consultant
Catherine Burton Consultancy 

Catherine Burton

Sophie Dekkers
UK Country Manager

Sopjhie Dekkers Aviation Festival

Marion Woolridge 
Vice Chair 
British Women Pilots' Association

Marion Woolridge Aviation Festival

Estelle Hollingsworth
VP Talent & Development   
Virgin Atlantic 

Estelle Hollington Aviation Festival


Improving passenger journeys by digitally empowering employees

  • Enhancing communication between ground and flight crew using innovative technology
  • Improving passenger experience with a more digitally empowered workforce
  • Real life examples of crew having impact on passenger journey via iPad application applications 
Thomas Langenberg
Management Trainee                                                          

Thomas Langenberg


Delivering Customer Value & Ancillary Growth Through Innovative Digital Partnerships

  • Creating an experience that lives up to evolving passenger expectations and drives value and convenience throughout the journey
  • How can airlines innovate to match digital experiences from outside the aviation industry?
  • Exploring complementary partnership models to enhance the ancillary product journey through services such as IFE and Worldwide by easyJet
Marianne Thomson
Proposition Manager    
Marianne Thomson

End of Seminars Day 2



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