Business Design Centre, London, UK

Exhibition Opening Hours:

6 September 2018: 10am - 4.30pm

7 September 2018: 10am - 4pm




The exhibition of the Aviation Festival is FREE TO ATTEND and will be open from the 6th to the 7th September in London. 

Over 150 companies will showcase the latest products, services and technologies relevant for the aviation industry. Companies that you should not miss include:


3D Seatmap 
Stand 98

Tired of booking your plane tickets without really knowing how your seat is and what you are paying for? Web-based technology 3D SeatMapVR provides a 3D 360º immersive view from the position of any selected seat during the booking process as well as in landing pages.
Thus, airlines can get to almost all their customers, compared to other VR solutions based on heavy apps.
It helps them improving sales of special seats, upgrades, and make more loyal and satisfied customers.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand:  Joaquín Alviz, COO,

Stand 51
ADB SAFEGATE offers one of the industry’s most extensive portfolios as the foundation for fully integrated solutions for visual aircraft guidance from approach to departure.
Here are some examples of how we can help:
  • Airport weather proofing 
  • Minimize delays caused due to Irregular Operating Conditions (IROPs)
  • Reducing taxi time and aircraft collisions on the ground
  • Reducing wasteful fuel burn
Contact person at the stand: Per Andersson, Senior Advisor – Airlines,

Stand 48

AeroCRS PSS is an excellent, user friendly solution for any small-medium size airline, domestic, regional, virtual or low cost carriers, ,including inventory management, B2B, B2C, full reporting center, FFP, DCS, fares and classes management and much more.
AeroCRS Analytics is a tailor made user friendly solution for Business Intelligence, developed over Qliksense platform and is suitable to any airline at any size. It allows an airline to get more insights from its data in order to help with decision making.
Web address:
Contact people at the stand:
Mr Oren Orgad -
Mr Ram Beery -

Stand 133

Affirm is reinventing credit to make it more honest and friendly. Started by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin, Affirm gives consumers the flexi-bility to buy now and make simple monthly payments.
Unlike other credit options, Affirm offers transparent payment terms (no fees or compounding interest), and employs advanced technology designed to reach a broader consumer population.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Rustom Birdie

Stand 28b

The award-winning AirFi Box is the market-leading Portable Wireless IFE platform with over 20 airlines and 200+ aircraft flying AirFi every day.
AirFi is a proven, fast and cost-effective way to introduce a great new PaxEx and create new ancillary revenues streams. The AirFiBox integrates easily into existing airline logistics and is suitable for any flight length and every aircraft type - requiring no certification or aircraft downtime.
Connected Crew is our retail EPOS solution, empowering Crew to enrich the PaxEx. Multiple features are integrated into a single tablet app, enabling Crew to increase onboard sales, create a paperless cabin and improve on-board service levels. 


Stand 106

Airfree reinvents the inflight shopping experience: Airport Duty Free products are now available up in the sky!
We provide airlines with an innovative technol-ogy that allows them to seamlessly operate e-commerce onboard. They can unleash the international traveler Duty Free shopping potential before and dur-ing the flights with an e-commerce platform presenting the offer of eligible ground Duty Free retailers or Service providers.
Purchase pick-up will be done at departure, transfer or destination airport in a “Click & Collect” mode.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Valéry Méary 

Stand 120

Connect with ATPCO 
Uniquely positioned at the center of airline distribution, ATPCO elevates ad-vanced technology and industry relationships to fuel the future of air travel. Owned by airlines, ATPCO manages more than 186 million fares for 440 airlines and is trusted as a neutral partner for airlines, agencies, search engines, global distribution systems, and governments worldwide.
Its recently acquired subsid-iary Routehappy powers rich content for flight shopping, helping airlines and distributors differentiate their products.
Talk with ATPCO at Aviation Festival to learn more about innovation ini-tiatives, including Dynamic Pricing, New Distribution Capabilities (NDC), and Rich Content that are transforming the way we buy travel. 
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Beth Taylor, Director of Marketing

Attached Language Services
Stand 89

As a language intelligence agency, we translate and create copy for corporations with a local and international presence. We help you to connect, be understood, found, liked or even loved – in every language and on every platform.
For all communication professionals, it is becoming increasingly clear: to really connect with your customers, you need to personalize your communication, but in order to personalize, you need to localize. We can show you how. 
Contact person at the stand:  Matthijs Kooijman, Sales Director & Key Accounts, , +31611840141

Aviation Job Search  
Stand 110

Whether you're looking for a job, or have a job vacancy to fill in the aviation industry, Aviation Job Search is here for you.
As our site is entirely focused on the aviation industry, we’re able to to provide recruiters with an effective and efficient alternative to generic job sites. We’re able to cater for all positions, at all levels, across any continent.   
Contact person at the stand: Imraan Rasul 

Axon Vibe  
Stand 31

1. Personalized mobile travel experience 
Create a seamless mobile travel experience for your customers by sending personalized information and alerts (e.g. in case of mass disruption) based on the customer’s current location (e.g. home, airport), typical travel patterns and unique context. 

2. Customer travel behaviour across route networks 
Understand individual flight patterns and predict upcoming flights of your cus-tomers across route networks by applying artificial intelligence (AI) to perma-nent location data from customer’s smartphones, while respecting passenger’s privacy in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

3. Contextual moments marketing 
Understand and predict customer’s travel and lifestyle behaviour to communi-cate the right offer at the right moment to the right person to develop undis-covered revenues, reduce spam and improve brand reputation. 
Contact person at the stand:

Stand 89

biid is a mobile identity platform that secures and protects digital infrastructures while allowing online users to authenticate themselves, authorise transactions and sign documents from their smartphones.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Antonio Virzì

Stand 122

Blacklane takes the stress out of travel by covering the first and last miles of every journey. Our professional driver service spans more than 250 cities, 50 countries, and 500 airports around the world. Our peace of mind promise in-cludes all-inclusive rates, instant booking confirmations, and complimentary wait time with every pickup.
It’s fast and easy to book rides on our website or mobile apps. Our competitive rates, plus dedicated corporate rates for enter-prises, means more travel cost savings for you.

Black Swan Data  
Stand 50

Whether it’s predicting consumer trends, advanced forecast modelling or con-necting passengers in the sky, our products and solutions are based on state of the art data science.
Black Swan has worked in the Commercial Aviation industry for over 5 years, we create data-driven passenger experience software for 70 of the world’s leading airlines (including all of the top 10).
Our joined-up solutions understand and track the traveller’s DNA, using connected web, mo-bile and seatback devices, to optimise their inflight experience. We deliver these Data-driven Passenger Experience Solutions through our hardware ag-nostic Universal Portals, complete passenger journey Retail platforms and our Social PredictionTM tools.
Web address:

Stand 54b

We are a provider of digital retail technology and services to travel brands. We help airlines and travel providers achieve digital retailing success, through leveraging best of breed market solutions, industry best practices and emerging trends. Our services include:
Technology Consulting & Digital UX Solutions  
Having worked with some of the largest airline groups in the world, we can help you progress to the next level of retailing performance. 


CloudSmart Consulting  
Stand 144

Improve customer satisfaction and relationships using 
CloudSmart implements cloud-based solutions that drive better relationships with customers and passengers. 
  • Make each interaction relevant, personalised and timely with Marketing Cloud. 
  • Make each discussion meaningful and informed with Sales Cloud. Make each service recovery request an opportunity to upsell with Service Cloud. 
  • Make every customer want to work with you because they are the centre of everything you do. 
  • Put your customers first with
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Spencer Collins

Stand 102

Connect the physical environment with your airline app. 
Trigger personalized communication & actions, drive on-demand customer service and enable secure proximity payments by supercharging your app with conichiwa’s software development kits.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Dennis Bauer 

Stand 29

Allexis Travel is a unique travel entertainment solution that provides airlines, airports and travel agents with the opportunity to offer entertainment packages as an add-on to their ticket booking process. With access to an expansive catalogue of digital content including music, e-books, movies, audio books, magazines and much more, Cylo empowers you to offer your customers a unique multimedia experience to keep them entertained throughout their journey with you or your partners.
Allexis On-Board is your go to on-board, on-demand entertainment solution for your fleet. Whilst the cost of in-flight entertainment continues to soar, why not convert your cost into a new revenue stream with Allexis. No need for heavy seat back solutions that drive up fuel consumption, simply allow your customers to purchase digital content whilst on-board your aircraft, to be enjoyed on their own device. 
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Courtney Grenfell,

Stand 63

EveryMundo provides airlines with performance fare marketing technology for direct channel growth and customer acquisition. Our solutions increase traffic, improve conversion rate, enhance user experience, and drive brand engagement on and off the airline’s website.
Contact person at the stand: 

Stand 81

Fusion is a highly experienced and well proven digital optimization company that was set up in 2007 with one simple aim… To help you sell more and become more profitable.

We do that by working with you to better understand your customers so that we can deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time. The result is a more personalized and relevant shopping experience for your customers that increase their consideration and propensity to purchase.
Products demonstrated at the event include:
  • CORE™ Testing and Optimization Platform including AI
  • Customer Experience, Purchase Point, and Lifecycle Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Services
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Mark Brown, VP Business Development

Stand 42a

GlobalDots and Akamai provide full range of cloud delivery and cloud security solutions. When it comes to delivering your content and securing your cloud assets, no one does it better than GlobalDots and Akamai.
Since modern cloud security requires a multi-layered approach, you can rest assured that we can identify and mitigate even the unknown threats – keeping your customers happy and your revenue in safe hands.
Contact person at the stand: Thorsten Deutrich, VP Sales

Stand 130

HappyOrNot® helps its clients to develop their businesses through continuous monitoring and reporting on the satisfaction levels of customer and employee experiences.
The HappyOrNot globally recognized 4 Smileys are used by nearly 4,000 companies across 120 countries, and to date has collected and reported on over a half billion feedbacks. 
Web address:     
Contact person at the stand: Tom Coffey, Sales Director UK, HappyOrNot

Helios Aero 
Stand 41

Payload can be further optimized for each flight. A load factor of 100% is a great target, but reality strikes between 80% and 95%. What to do with this 5%-20% without throwing it out of the window? 

At Helios Aerospace we understand that ground times are of utmost im-portance to keep cost down. Our approach is to provide low cost freight in this 5%-20% available load factor. We handle all complexity and risk of the freight and no risk remains to the airline. Our turnaround times for luggage and cargo handling are below 30 minutes and, in some cases, can be reached below 20 minutes. We add revenue to each of your flights and benefit is maximized. 

* We have the experience and technology to make this reality 
* 20-30 minutes turnaround time may give you an additional flight per day 
* We target narrow-body low cost carriers, charters etc. 

You think it’s impossible? 
Think different!
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Dirk-Joost van Engelshoven – CEO, 

Stand 56b

Increase your travel insurance sales through personalisation and targeted cus-tomer engagement.
Hepstar’s machine-learning recommendation engine anal-yses historical and empirical data collected from the travel booking process, including contextual and behavioural data of customers, allowing it to re-spond with products that are relevant to customers.
With no geographical limitations, an existing footprint of insurance partners and travel partners spanning the globe, as well as the ability to easily on-board any other preferred insurance partner, Hepstar is the plug and play solution.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Brett Dyason (Co Founder and CFO)

Holiday Taxis  
Stand 82

HolidayTaxis Group is a global ground transportation service, partnering with some of the worlds leading Airlines, OTA’s and Travel Agencies to help facilitate a seamless door to door solution for their customers.
  • Free sale, quality product in over 130+ countries & 21,000 desti-nations worldwide.
  • Multi-lingual and multi transactional currency booking platform.
  • Innovative and bespoke pricing models for optimal performance.
  • Curated supply to fit our partners needs.
  • Stringent health and safety policies.
  • 24/7/365 in-house multi-lingual customer support.
  • 15 years of reputable experience.
Contact people at the stand: 
  • Alex Rogers – Head of Global Partnerships
  • Mike Blanchard – Partnerships Manager

Stand 123

Think IATA is just for Legacy Carriers? We offer a growing number of cost-optimizing services for LCCs such as:
  • Live test the future of Inflight entertainment through VR/AR technologies to boost your ancillary revenues. 
  • Revenue Management Simulation Training to test your skills in a risk-free environment. 
  • Business Intelligence through data solutions, automated travel document check and semi-automated claims processing of EU261.
  • Single global connection for new forms of payments across diverse distribution channels to enhance your sales opportunities.
Web address:

Stand 150

Inflyter accompanies air travellers by bringing together, on a single platform, the complete travel environment. All flight-related information, transportation and airport services, duty-free retail offers and also in Miles, a brand-new loyal-ty program, which are essential to introduce passengers.

into a seamless flying experience, regardless the airline flown or the airport visited. These services are available via a mobile application where Inflyter in-novates by offering a complete multi-modal and disruptive solution entirely dedicated to improving passenger experience and making the travel path simplified.
Inflyter is a platform geared towards air passengers, as well as various industry operators. It offers a solution that creates additional turnover for retailers and boosts ancillary revenue for airports & airlines, mak-ing it an indispensable tool for improving and boosting the profitability of pre-flight services.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Wassim SAADÉ, Founder & CEO

Stand 47

Cabin+ digitalizes all processes, ensures significant cost efficiency, improves levels of service quality and elevates customer satisfaction.

LIFUS Manager processes for pilots and cabin crew through a mobile and web compatible central infrastructure. 
Ops Master improves operations control center management and IROPS flows by ensuring 24/7/365 execution of all airline operations.
Crew Duty offers a mobile and Web platform connects pilots, flight attendants and other personnel.

Crew Check-In helps airlines to achieve effective time and aircrew management by enabling easy airport check in. 
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Hakan Esin- Head of Business Development

Stand 131

INFORM specializes in intelligent planning and logistics decision-making software. For the aviation business, INFORM provides its advanced optimization software GroundStar that significantly improves planning and operational decision making. It is the most comprehensive software for the optimization of aviation processes currently on the market and helps customers to run their operations smoothly and cost-effectively while improving punctuality and passenger satisfaction. 

We will be happy to present your personal demo at our booth #131. 
Web address:  
Contact person at the stand:  Altay Fellah, Vice President Business Development, Aviation Division, INFORM

International Water-Guard Industries Inc.
Stand 112

IWG-FW - FEATHERWEIGHT MOTOR OPERATED VALVE: The IWG-FW is a light weight derivative of a potable water MOV design with a completed DO-160G test in March 2018. 
HE Light Weight - LAVATORY WATER HEATER: Our latest example is the IWG-HE (High Efficiency) Lavatory Water Heater. This new addition offers the aerospace industry a reduced weight, smaller sized heater with increased reliability. This heater is a safer and more effective solution for water heating on aircraft.
IWG-Electronic Water Quantity PRE-SELECT SYSTEM - DESIGNED FOR 737-NG + MAX: The Pre-Select unit stores real-time data related to water quantity during take-off and landing allowing to this information remain in the system and available for years. This information can be used to set ideal water levels, thereby reducing weight and eliminating unnecessary fuel burn.
IWG-UV UPLOAD SYSTEM - Onboard Potable Water Disinfection: International Water Guard Industries (IWG) has certified a new and innovative system on Boeing 737NG aircraft that allows safe drinking water to be served to passengers. This safe disinfected water also protects coffee and tea, and allows bottled water to be reduced or replaced.  

Information Design One Ag 
Stand 40


Live information. Comprehensive and delightfully visualized
No matter which information you need to gain the perfect situational awareness, the A:Wall is up to it.

The A:Wall offers exactly the information you need — always and everywhere. Either on large screens or to-go on your mobile device, the A:Wall visualizes your business performance — without any boundaries and in real-time. From operational information to safety aspects and financial key indicators, the A:Wall provides an unprecedentedly confident feeling.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Benjamin Walther, Managing Director, Information Design

JLT Specialty 
Stand 145

JLT provides insurance broking services for aviation and aerospace companies throughout the world. Our team experience covers the entire spectrum of the aerospace industry, covering all types of physical damage and liability for the associated risks.
Whether arranging insurance cover for commercial airlines, helicopters, business jets, aerospace manufacturers, airports, aerospace service providers, satellite or launch vehicles or even UAV’s and drones, we have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the unique risks associated with this dynamic and highly diverse sector.
Contact person at the stand:  Oli Bradburne, Account Handler, JLT Specialty Limited, Aerospace, , +44 (0) 207 466 1352

KIU System Solutions   
Stand 79

KIU System Solutions is an IT company that provides systems for airlines for more than 15 years and more than 45 airlines using it.
KIU RES, a PSS system that facilitates airlines to manage bookings, ticketing, flights schedule, fares management, inventory control, revenue integrity and departure control. 
It facilitates interline and codeshare agreements as well as connectivity with traditional GDS. It includes strong e-commerce functionalities.
We host these systems as a way of reducing technology infrastructure.
An outstanding support service complement the best technological solution ever.
Contact people at the stand:
  • Juan Frattin, Product Manager
  • Daniel Maggi, Commercial Manager   
Stand 118 is an Internet search engine and worldwide flight-ticket seller. differs from similar businesses by providing unique features and ser-vices.
The founding team has created an algorithm that can combine flights of non-cooperating carriers, so the ticket can be much cheaper than the standard offer. The client can save up to 80% of the standard price on some routes. Also, if a customer fails to make a connecting flight due to a previous delay or cancellation, the company finds an alternative flight and refunds the price. 
The company is one of the fastest growing technology companies not only in Czech Republic, but also in Europe. has received many awards and ranked 7th in the 2017 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Zdenek Komenda

Stand 97

LikeWhere's hybrid product aggregates destination data sources, machine learning and a global community of blogger/influencers to enable leading travel providers to personalise Inspiration and In-destination experiences, directly engaging and selling to their customer beyond the core booking.  
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Simon Dempsey, Founder & CEO or Matthew Walker, Chief Storyteller

Lufthansa Systems  
Stand 72

BoardConnect is one of the most widely-deployed and most mature W-IFE systems. It enables passengers to use streaming technology during a flight to access an airline’s entertainment program on their own devices.
It is available in 4 versions: BoardConnect Classic (fully-installed), BoardConnect Plus (with broadband connectivity), BoardConnect Portable (flexible) and BoardConnect Portable/Link (with connectivity light for messaging).
BoardConnect provides an innovative partner network that can generate guaranteed ancillary revenues. With its docker technology digital partner services can be integrated easily. 
Contact person at the stand: Jan-Peter Gaense; Head of Passenger Experience Products & Solutions

Made By Many    
Stand 91

Airlines are embarking on a second wave of digital transformation. The first wave was all about adding business value and getting the customer to work for us. In the second wave we have to know the customer, serve the customer and build customer value. That’s a big shift when our existing digital set-up is organised for sales, not service. 
The workshop answers these questions
  • How to build a customer-focused digital organisation with a common purpose?
  • How to tear down the blockers and create a digital product portfolio that makes sense across devices and through the customer journey?
  • What’s the payback for the business of knowing our customers and recognising their needs at every touchpoint?
Who should attend: Chief Digital Officer, CCO, CSO CTO, CMO and heads of customer experience and digital who are looking to embrace big change in digital.
Made by Many will share insights gained in a 10 year track record of successful digital transformation across many business sectors. In aviation, the product innovation consultancy has worked with Finnair, Expedia, Skyscanner, Air Baltic and British Airways to build new digital propositions that grow loyalty, revenue, brand and customer value. 
We’re looking forward to hearing about your challenges and addressing your questions.
Contact people at the stand:
  • Tim Malbon
  • Susan Lin



Stand 143

Navitaire delivers industry-leading technology services supporting higher growth, improved profitability and innovation to more than 50 airline and rail clients worldwide, including many of the world’s most successful airlines.
Navitaire offers a full suite of advanced, proven solutions focused on revenue generation and streamlining costs in the areas of reservations, ancillary sales, predictive analytics, distribution, planning, revenue management, revenue accounting, and business intelligence.
A wholly owned subsidiary of the Amadeus IT Group, Navitaire has offices in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Michael Thompson

Stand 125

NEC Corporation of America (NEC) is a leading technology integrator providing solutions that improve the way people work and communicate. With more than 150 public and private biometrics implementations in over 30 countries, NEC’s biometrics solutions help improve the quality, timeliness and availability of threat information for better situational awareness.
NEC’s facial recognition technologies can be deployed at designated access points to improve public safety and security without obstructing flow of traffic or impeding area activity. NEC Corporation of America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, a global technology leader with a presence in 160 countries and $25 billion in revenues. 

Oracle Cloud    
Stand 59

Oracle welcomes you to join us at Stand 59. We will be showcasing an integrated customer journey, powered by Oracle products from pre to post-purchase. Come and find out how your airline can optimise your digital platforms and create a better tomorrow, today. 
Find the team at Stand 59 and watch the Interactive Customer In-flight VR video to collect a complimentary pair of VR goggles!
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Tessa Kerry –  
Contact person at the stand:  Gareth Hawkins –

Stand 132

European online parking reservation leader, ParkCloud, is dedicated to connecting the world’s drivers with parking spaces. 

Working with travel industry market leaders, alongside its own network of websites, affiliates and digital marketing campaigns, ParkCloud ensures parking is not a forgotten aspect of the travel process. 

Collaborating with a portfolio of 22 airlines and partners such as Avios, ParkCloud has the know-how and marketing expertise to keep parking front-of-mind with consumers across 42 countries.
Contact person at the stand:  Nicola Pilling, Partnership Manager, , +44 7432602638

Stand 87

Paysafecash brings cash into the airline industry. It is a new innovative payment method, which enables anyone to book a flight or service online, no credit card or personal financial data needed.
After booking a flight online, the customer can go to the next Paysafecash payment point and pay offline simply with cash.
Paysafecash is product from Paysafe Group, with a combined transactional volume of US $56 billion in 2017 and 200 payment types in over 40 currencies around the world.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Katharina Raubek

Stand 147

Real-world events drive predictable impact but businesses don’t know when, why or how. PredictHQ unlocks instant profits hidden in plain sight, starting with travel and transportation.
PredictHQ is the only unique data intelligence platform that understands the impact of these events globally and at scale.
Data from thousands of sources (proprietary and public) are aggregated, cleansed, enriched and ranked to provide intelligence for better pricing, de-mand and planning decisions.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Richard Bray,

Stand 85

With PROS Shopping solutions, airlines can take full control over sales offer creation, power their distribution and enable digital retail across channels. Millions of offers delivered with speed and accuracy to enjoy high scalability for NDC partners like metasearch and agencies.
With innovative marketing and inspirational applications like theme, map or budget driven shopping, airlines can power a modern commerce experience for their customers.
Contact people at the stand: 
  • Kristen Aaron
  • Stanislava Yordanova

RTS Corp  
Stand 33

RTS ProfitOpt is an advanced revenue management, planning and business intelligence solution that enables both point to point and Origin-Destination airlines to maximize their profitability by significantly increasing incremental revenue using sophisticated forecasting and optimization algorithms.
It also provides competitive insight, support for ancillaries and a flexible business rules based alerting engine. RTS SchedOpt is a comprehensive scheduling solution that includes clean-sheet schedule generation, interactive schedule management and schedule evaluation features along with extensive tactical and strategic reports. 
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Pradeep Bandla, Senior Vice President – Passenger Solutions,

Stand 64

Sabre’s solution showcase will be featuring our industry-first Digital Airline Commercial Platform, a platform designed for airlines who want to maximize revenue and create a differentiated brand experience for their customers. As part of the platform, we’ll be showcasing some key solutions that we’re launching within Dynamic Pricing.
Geared towards Chief Commercial Officers, we’ll have three solutions on display that represent our intelligent decision support tools and power revenue optimization for an airline:
  • Fares Optimizer – Optimize fare rules with an industry-only solution that provides airlines an intelligent way to define their strategic segmentation and pricing ranges. 
  • Revenue Optimizer – Improve forecast accuracy with a next-generation revenue management system that adjust demand forecasts in real-time using advanced analytics engines such as, customer choice and revenue opportunity modeling.
  • Dynamic Availability – Improve conversions with an industry-only solution that leverages shopping data to detect uncompetitive pricing situations and determine optimal pricing actions.
Contact person at the stand: Amod Mital,

Stand 55

Salesforce is the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM), bringing companies of every size and industry closer to their customers. Founded in 1999, Salesforce enables companies to leverage cloud, social, mobile, AI, and connected products to engage with their customers in new ways, all on one integrated platform that spans sales, service, marketing, commerce, communities, collaboration and industries.
Salesforce is ranked #1 on Fortune’s World's Best Workplaces list and Forbes has ranked the company one of the world's most innovative companies for seven years in a row.
Web address:

Stand 137

Scala Content Manager is a powerful and easy-to-use application for digital signage content distribution, scheduling and management that lets you control from one to thousands, of digital signage displays. 

Scala is used in more than 25 airports worldwide for applications ranging from advertising and promotion, to flight information display. When installed with Scala’s Walkbase Customer Analytics platform, your airport will gain unparalleled insight into you passengers’ preferences and allow you to present relevant content which will increase non-aeronautical revenue.
Web address: 
Contact person at the stand: Mark Mayfield


SES Networks   
Stand 52

SES Networks is a market-leading provider of global data networks, delivering world-class, differentiated networks and services. The company operates the world's only multi-orbital and multi-band communications satellite fleet, with over 50 satellites in geosynchronous (GEO) orbit providing broad coverage, and 16 in Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) providing fiber-equivalent throughput and latency capabilities. 

Our unique global GEO/MEO satellite network transmits in multiple bands to reliably deliver the highest possible data throughputs and quality of experience to customers, every time they fly.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand:  Henning Horst, Senior Manager, Sales Aeronautical EMEA, SES Networks,


Stand 34

Smart4Aviation is a company founded on a passion for aviation and the concept of harnessing
the power of the Web to develop service solutions for the airline industry. The company aims to deliver its customers seamless systems which improve quality, accessibility and availability of information while reducing operational costs. Our suite of products includes following solutions:
  • Load Planning, Weight & Balance, Payload Management
  • EFB & Mobile
  • Communication & Alerting
  • Real Time Flight Tracking
  • Pilot & Cabin Crew Briefing
  • Weather Station & NOTAMs Management
  • Document Management & e-Re
  • porting
  • Aircraft Performance
  • Fleet Scheduling & Operations Management
Moreover, Smart4Aviation is ready to support airlines in various IT initiatives. Our wide portfolio of IT Professional Services are provisioned by 200 IT engineers, that could be at your disposal.
Contact person at the stand: Shaun Landy, , phone: +44 7557 442217

Stand 113

The eCHECK-IN SUITE is an omni-channel high-tech platform which allows airlines enlarge their online check-in rates, reduce operational costs, minimize delay effects, increase their revenue, and focus on a personalized passenger experience.  
The Online Booking Engine is a tailor-made powerful online reservation platform aimed at boosting profit, decreasing sales costs and customer acquisition costs, broadcasting personalized marketing offers, and maximizing direct revenue through its embedded Ancillary Shopping. 

The Ancillary Shop is designed for both air and non-air ancillaries shopping which can be embedded in the online booking or check-in flow, as well as have a separate standalone access point through web, mobile and or messengers, etc.
A customized Artificial Intelligence Solution for the airlines, airports, and operation station handling companies.   

Stand 86

Customer-obsessed companies use Sparkcentral’s leading customer engagement platform to manage and resolve customer service interactions over messaging and social channels in a simple, streamlined and fun way. With the fastest customer routing and prioritization technology in the business and innovative workflow optimization and reporting tools, Sparkcentral helps global brands like Delta Air Lines, Goodbaby, Citizen M, Netflix, Zappos, Engie, Emirates and more deliver effortless customer service experiences and drive brand loyalty. A recent CODiE Award winner for Best Customer Service Solution, Sparkcentral is headquartered in San Francisco and has its EMEA headquarters in Belgium.
To learn more, visit and follow @Sparkcentral on Twitter.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand:  Laurane Potié, Marketing & Sales EMEA, , 0032 468 198584

Stand 37

Product name: Switchfly Loyalty
Take advantage of the industry’s most comprehensive loyalty solution. Switchfly Loyalty allows your members to earn and redeem points or points + cash for travel merchandise with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Your business rules and parameters are seamlessly integrated with Switchfly’s robust global inventory for customized member offers. Switchfly has done all the heavy lifting for you, integrating a rich list of inventory providers for built-in ease of implementation and tailored messaging, pricing and offers that strengthen customer loyalty.
Product name: Switchfly Packaging
Tap into the most comprehensive and flexible ancillary merchandising solution. Switchfly Packaging allows businesses to deliver a superior customer experience and maximize the per-customer value by creating bundles of first- and third-party ancillary products and services during the booking flow. Leverage the industry’s most robust supplier network of activities, air, car and hotels and transform travel for your customers. Grow share-of-wallet by bundling hundreds of thousands of travel products with the added convenience of placing them on one confirmation number. 
Contact person at the stand: Glenn Wastyn, Vice President of Strategy & Growth, EMEA

Stand 30

PS-V50  is a small, lightweight and battery-driven Streaming Server designed for airline use. 
It delivers content wirelessly to PEDs (Smartphones and Tablet/Laptop PCs). 
NO-STC is required as No Cables or Screws are necessary. Save Money!
Web address:
Contact person at the stand:  Satoko Tsuji (VP, sales)

Stand 35

NovoStar POS and Back Office provides the airline industry with a solution for the sale of inflight duty-free, catering and ancillary products.  It makes onboard selling a fast, easy and personalised experience.
Crew use their POS devices to manage all aspects of the in-flight sales services and the Back Office ensures that the stock plan is customised for each journey, so crew are able to maximise selling opportunities.
  • On-Board POS software and hardware solutions
  • Full Back Office with integration capabilities
Contact person at the stand: Gordon Hyland – Sales Manager, +44 (0) 7785 352 632,

Stand 84

Founded in 2012, TravelCar is a global mobility platform for the travel in-dustry. We provide parking booking solutions in more than 50 countries on Through a seamless booking experience, cus-tomers can compare rates, reviews, locations and amenities in full transparency to find the best parking spot near the airport. We also offer free parking if the customer agrees to rent out his car while he is away, fully covered by our insurance.
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Sarah Borsoi, International Partnerships Manager

Stand 101

Uppy! - the genius flyer is developed for flyers that want to arrive fresh, stay sharp and fight the effects of jetlag. Uppy! rehydrates and replenishes you allowing you to arrive in better shape. At the recent and annual Onboard Hospital Award ceremony, Uppy! won the prize as best product for wellbeing. It is a caring concept - take care of yourself, your passengers and your cabin crew.  
Emirates Airlines give Uppy! to their first-class passengers. Uppy! comes in the form of a tablet you can dissolve into water; it is based on a great rehydration formula with added vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and ginger. 
Web address:
Contact person at the stand: Olle Marköö, , +46 703 36 11 00

Stand 80

Yana leverages machine learning algorithms to drive higher unit revenues and improved capacity utilization after customers have booked their flights. Yana proactively identifies flexible passengers on target flights, makes them offers to move to lower demand flights, and automatically re-books them once they accept. Passengers are notified, via mobile, days in advance of departure. Yana also provides an improved passenger experience and helps airlines save resources on the day of departure, when aircraft swaps, oversell, or IROPs may impact travelers.  
Web address:
Contact people at the stand:
  • Fenn Bailey, CTO
  • Michael Gruet, VP Finance and Operations

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