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The exhibition of the Aviation Festival is FREE TO ATTEND and will be open from the 6th to the 7th September in London. 

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Innovation Seminars - 6 September

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The Myths of Inspiration and Personalization: Performance Marketing through Fares and Agility

Digital departments in airlines worldwide are chasing trends in inspiration and personalization in an effort to grow direct channel revenue and customer acquisition. However, do these strategies really work?
  • Do customers really look for travel inspiration on an airline's website? And if so, how much closer to purchase does that really make them?
  • How can personalization strategies be effective if a small minority of airline website users are recognizable as return visitors? And, given the implementation of EU GDPR is personalization too much of a liability?
In this session, we will dig deeper into the effectiveness of inspiration and personalization, and then explore the alternative strategy of Fare Marketing, powered by improvements in digital agility now available in the market.

Seth Cassel, President, Everymundo

Seth Cassel, CEO, Everymundo Everymundo

How Technology can enable travel brands to become better storytellers

  • The Science of Story
  • The Hero of the travel Brand
  • How technology can enable travel brands to become better storytellers

Matt Walker, Chief Storyteller, LikeWhere

Matt Walker,  Chief Storyteller, LikeWhere LikeWhere

Chatbots: The Future of Customer Services

  • How airlines can get started
  • The coexistence of Chatbots and Customer Service Representatives
  • Tackling complex problems (Disruption Case Study) 

Brent Arslaner, CCO, Travelaer

Brent Arslaner,  CCO,  Travelaer Travelaer Aviation Show                        

Understand and predict passenger’s travel behaviour beyond your route network

  • How Axon Vibe provides permanent location analytics to help airlines to understand and predict passenger’s travel behaviour and send personalized messages and alerts based on context, location and at the right time
  • How to gain location- and behaviour-based passenger insights beyond a specific route network whilst respecting the passenger’s privacy in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).
  • How Axon Vibe enables airlines to deliver contextual offerings at the right moment/location to the right person to develop undiscovered revenues within and beyond transportation and therefore to increase ancillary revenue and improve brand reputation at the same time

Killian Ulm, Head of Business, AxonVibe

Killian Ulm,  Head of Business,  AxonVibe AxonVibe

Language of the heart: how to win customers through localization

  • Reaching your customer by truly speaking his or her language
  • Personalized localization of marketing and customer loyalty content
  • Translation fail: do’s and don’ts in localization

Matthijs Kooijman, Sales Director, Attached Language Services

Matthijs Kooijman, Sales Director,  Attached Language Services Attached Language Services



Connecting Beacons, Seamless Payment and AI for a Seamless Customer Experience

  • Google called beacons the next superpower. An outside perspective on beacons 
  • Effectively leveraging beacon tech with airlines 
  • Improving crew performance through beacons 

Dennis Bauer, Head of Conichiwa, Conichiwa

Dennis Bauer, Head of Conichiwa Conichiwa

Boosting Airline Profitability Through Innovative Technologies

  • Decreasing Operational Airline Costs By Moving Away From Traditional Solutions
  • Increasing Airline Revenue  via Intelligent Check-in Platform
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Shall Serve Passengers And Airlines

Daria Kalenskaya, Chief Product Officer, SolringAir

Daria Kalenskaya,  Chief Product Officer,  SolringAir

How Micro Weather is Changing the Game for Aviation Operations

  • Most current weather solutions use traditional weather sources only (government radar, satellite, and weather stations)
  • New hypersensing technologies are giving us the power to see weather we're missing with traditional weather sources
  • Major airlines have now adopted micro weather solutions to increase safety, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

Itai Zlotnik, CCO and Co-Founder, ClimaCell Inc.

Itai Zlotnik,  COO,  ClimaCell Inc. Climacell

Biid - "Mobile Identity”, the foundation of cyber security

  • Digital Identity in today’s connected world
  • Removing passwords and securing critical infrastructures
  • About biid

Antonio Virzi, CEO, Biid

Antonio Virzi,  CEO,  Biid Biid

Virtual Reality Inflight Entertainment 

  • Challenges for VR in Aircrafts
  • VR as Entertainment
  • VR as Revenues Driver for Airlines 

Nikolas Jaeger, CEO, Inflight VR

Nikolas Jaeger,  CEO, Inflight VR Inflight VR

Real-time Dynamic Pricing at Scale

  • Data is everything. Converting siloed airline data into a single, integrated stream
  • Real-time pricing using sophisticated forecasts as decision drivers
  • A step-by-step transition to Dynamic Pricing

Alexander Mans, Co-founder and CTO, FLYR

Alexander Mans,   Co-founder and CTO,  FLYR FLYR


Marketplace of the sky: how passenger connectivity can unleash e-commerce revenues for airlines

  • How to improve customer experience of inflight Duty Free shopping ? 
  • How to leverage time & passenger data to develop ancillary revenues during the whole travel journey? 
  • How to provide seamless website browsing during flight despite constraints of Satellite connectivity?

Agnès Debains, Co-Founder & Marketing Leader, airfree

Agnès Debains,  Co-Founder & Marketing Leader,  airfree airfree

Data is to AI as Food is to Humans

  • Why is this the right time to invest in data?
  • Understanding your biggest data opportunities and executing
  • How airlines can use third party data to supercharge forecasting

Richard Bray, COO, PredictHQ

Campbell Brown,  CEO & Co-Founder,  PredictHQ PredictHQ

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Innovation Seminars - 7 September




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Biometrics identification across the whole passenger journey

  • SITA Smart Path uses biometrics as the single identification token at every step in the passenger journey. Designed to be modular, it allows airports to implement whole journey identity management into the passenger self-service.
  • It is easily integrated into existing airport infrastructure and airline systems. 
  • This includes standard common-use, self-service equipment already in use across the industry such as check-in kiosks, bag drop units, gates for secure access, boarding and automated border control, making rapid deployment easy and cost-effective. 
  • Smart Path also integrates with government systems and databases, allowing integrated immigration and border checks.

Benoit Verbaere, Lead Architect, SITA

Benoit Verbaere, SITA Aviation Festival

Security in the Hold: PED and new technologies carry new threats?

  • Baggage mishandling trends and related Passengers experience
  • Recent IATA Guidance sheets about Smart Luggage.
  • Current IATA and FAA safety regulations about PED. Where is technology going.
  • IATA to enforce tighter regulations. Possible Developments and new scenarios 

Pietro Lanzarini,   CEO & Managing Director,  Bagtrax

Pietro Lanzarini,  CEO & Managing Director,  Bagtrax Bagtrax

On-Time Performance (OTP) is not an option, its mandatory!

  • OTP is a challenging goal with various approaches
  • Operational disruptions need to be managed everyday
  • Optimization of the planning, scheduling and operational is the approach to accomplish OTP

Altay Fellah, Vice President Business Development, Aviation Division, Inform Software

Altay Fellah,  Vice President Business Development, Aviation Division,  Inform Software Inform Software

How Indoor Mapping and Navigation will improve passenger experience and create new business opportunities

  • For both novice and experienced travellers, navigating through large airports trying to find the right gate, shop, bathroom or restaurant can be a stressful part of travelling.
  • In this presentation, you’ll learn how using an indoor mapping and navigation solution built on Google Maps can fulfil the wish for a user-friendly and smooth airport navigation for all travellers and how it creates new business opportunities.

Christian Müggler, Business Developer, MapsPeople

Christian Müggler,  Business Developer,  MapsPeople MapsPeople



Inflyter - Ancillaries Booster

  • Global vs Proprietary - How to reach above the limits
  • Small Data - How to make PNR speaks more
  • Digital or Die - Conversion, redesigned

Wassim Saade, Founder & CEO, Inflyter

Wassim Saade Inflyter

Augmented Reality in Aviation Industry

  • In this session we will learn about the different use cases of Augmented Reality in the Aviation Industry.
  • How companies are increasing efficiency and what is the ROI (return of investment) by adopting AR.
  • Which are the existing devices and which one will fit better your needs.

Jordi Boza, Director of Sales EMEA and LATAM, Vuzix Corporation

Jordi Boza Vuzix

Hassle-free Interlining in an Open and Distributed World
  • Frictionless for customers and service providers with zero footprint on legacy
  • Increase revenue with full ancillary, auxiliary and dynamic pricing support
  • Real-time and transparent, zero-cost and zero-effort settlement

Kolbeinn Arinbjarnarson, Co-Founder and CEO, Cirravia

Kolbeinn Arinbjarnarson Cirravia

The Role of AR to Drive On-Time Flights and Higher Customer Satisfaction

First used by aviation leaders to build your airplanes, augmented reality (AR) has moved out of the factory and into your hangers, gates and customer operations. This talk will discuss how Boeing, GE Aviation and others first used AR to drive digital transformation, what you can learn from their progress, and how AR will transform key areas of your operations in MRO, turn-time and logistics.

Key topics covered:
  • Use cases and results
  • Why a platform approach to AR is critical to adoption
  • Ways to drive workforce engagement and application
Greg Clawson, VP Aerospace Defense & Manufacturing, Upskill
Greg Clawson Cirravia

VChain + ITATA One ID: The Challenge of Proving Identity 
  • The background: Getting more people through airports means less friction - smarter security, less document checks. Both require ‘fixing’ identity.
  • The challenge: building the trust framework for identity - IATA industry strategy
  • The case study: VChain Programme with IAG - proving and provisioning identity for international air travel

Irra Ariella Khi, CEO, Vchain

Irra Ariella Khi Vchain

How AI reduces delays and cancellations, shrinks turnaround time, and maximizes aircraft availability    

Abstract: SparkCognition will discuss how AI is driving prescriptive insight from newly leveraged data sources—available to all airlines regardless of which planes they fly or which analytics platforms they utilize—to save millions in maintenance and operating costs. In this discussion, we will share our point of view of truly next generation predictive maintenance and how it can be complemented with a suite of AI-driven tools to accelerate and optimize line maintenance and ground ops execution.

Jim Fitzgerald, Director, Sparkcognition

Jim Fitzgerald Vchain

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