In-flight entertainment and connectivity

The in-flight entertainment and communications show

In-flight entertainment and connectivity is undergoing a huge transformation in the aviation industry.

IFEC will explore a market that is one of the air transport industries most dynamic sectors. The event will fully examine the next generation of IFEC technologies that are driving us closer that fully connected on board passenger experience.


The conference will include the following themes:

Next generation of IFEC


Virtual reality

Augmented reality

Personalised content

Crew engagement


Who Sponsors?

In-flight entertainment providers

In-flight services

Retail platforms

In-flight power

Satellite providers

Connectivity providers

Hardware manufacturers

Content distributors

Digital platforms

Bluetooth connectivity providers

On board advertisers

Who Attends?


Heads of IFE

Customer Strategy and Innovation Managers

IFEC Development Managers

On board Content Managers

Heads of Passenger Experience

Heads of On Board Services

Heads of Product Development

VP of Cabin

Inflight Sales Managers


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