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Digital and Social Media strategies for the world’s airlines and airports


Airlines are now communicating with their passengers through multiple digital channels, and social media is now more critical than ever. To really compete in today’s industry, digital innovation must touch every aspect of the airline business.

Aviation Marketing brings together Heads of Digital and Heads of Social Media to explore how airlines can exploit digital channels to differentiate their services and compete more effectively.


Speakers Include

Robertjan Groeneveld Social Media Hub Manager Royal Klm Dutch Airlines

Robertjan Groeneveld
Social Media Hub Manager
Royal Klm Dutch Airlines

Ross Feinstein Senior Manager and Spokesman American Airlines

Ross Feinstein
Senior Manager and Spokesman
American Airlines

Greg Williams Editor -In-Chief Wired

Greg Williams
Editor -In-Chief

Jerry Hu VP - Transport Division Alibaba Group

Jerry Hu
VP - Transport Division
Alibaba Group

Nikunj Shanti, Chief Data and Digital Officer, AirAsia

Nikunj Shanti
Chief Data and Digital Officer

Akira Mitsumasu, Vice President, Products & Services, Japan Airlines

Akira Mitsumasu
Vice President, Products & Services
Japan Airlines

Jonathan Hutt, Commercial Director, HK Express

Jonathan Hutt
Commercial Director
HK Express

Paul Buckley, Head of Social Media, Aer Lingus

Paul Buckley
Head of Social Media
Aer Lingus



Aviation Marketing, Wednesday 5 September 2018

Shashank Nigam
Aviation Marketing

Chair’s Opening Remarks


Greg Williams

MEGATRENDS KEYNOTE: When software is eating the world and the aviation industry is facing significant disruption; how do we keep the customer as our central focus?

  • How should airlines be thinking about FAANG companies and new interfaces such as AR, VR and voice technology to give passengers the chance to experience products and services?
  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale to streamline and simplify individual business processes
  • What can we learn from the Chinese market who are light years ahead of us when it comes to mobile first, seamless and frictionless payment experiences?
  • How blockchain, IoT and machine learning can potentially offer airlines a much deeper understanding of consumer behaviour along with opportunities to unlock ancillary services?​
Nikunj Shanti
Aviation Marketing

AirAsia Case Study: More than just an airline – A digital story

  • Maximising revenue through data & personalisation, ease of payment, machine learning and mobile apps
  • Fostering strategic partnerships to expand your revenue base
  • Introducing our digital business arm
  • A one stop centre for all things air travel that is tailored around our customers lifestyles
Karl Johnson
Aviation Marketing

Personalization Today vs Tomorrow: AI-Driven strategies to deliver more effective real-time personalization of passenger digital experiences

  • Learn how Turkish Airlines is able to deliver extensive digital personalization across 120 countries and 30 languages simultaneously
  • Explore three key “Real-Time Content” concepts that leverage AI: one to one personalization, content generation, and conversational experiences
  • Dive-in to an important example of how real-time content can drive ancillary revenue through real-time generated and ultra-personalized hotel descriptions
Jerry Hu
Aviation Marketing

Special “Outside-in” Address: Understanding how Alibaba approaches digital ecosystems, personalisation and AI – Lessons for the airline industry

  • How airlines can leverage digital technologies to blend the on and offline worlds into a single, immersive shopping experience?
  • Using machine learning and AI at scale to innovate and bring fun and engaging experiences to your customers throughout the whole travel experience
  • Fulfilling the potential of AI and personalisation in a big way to drive segmented and personalised product recommendations to travellers?
Aviation Marketing

Morning networking break and refreshments

round tables
Aviation Marketing


With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them.
Building Trust in a New Era: Does your technology company have the right B2B marketing strategy for today’s travel industry?
Vanessa Horwell

Vanessa Horwell, Chief Strategy Officer, ThinkInk PR

Creating engagement on social channels with customer generated content and stories
Youvraj Seeam

Youvraj Seeam, E-Sales & Product Manager, Commercial (E-Commerce), Air Mauritius

How can airlines use AR and VR content to increase yields and drive conversion rates?
Valerie Anne Nandrin

Valerie Anne Nandrin, Brand Manager, Brussels Airlines

How can Chatbots add real value to your airline?
How can you get a genuine 360° view of the customer using AI for personalisation of service and offers of our customers?
Marc Van Eijs

Marc Van Eijs, Director information management Customer Marketing, Air France KLM

Localization of customer loyalty programmes. How to find and keep customers by speaking their language?
Eveline Van Sandick

Eveline Van Sandick, Chief Executive Officer, Attached Language Intelligence

Personalisation in Airline Marketing powered by Artificial Intelligence, supported by Data Management Platforms & Big data
Social Listening Finding out the Who, Where and What people are saying about your brand?
The challenges of creating a great experience for your global customers (especially in the travel, hospitality and aviation industries)
Chui Chui Tan

Chui Chui Tan, Founder & Director, Beyo Global


Networking lunch


Pablo Gomez Gallardo Maass
Aviation Marketing

Emerging technologies: the future for customer engagement

  • How can you create that continuous conversation with your passengers to resolve customer issues quickly with bots and agents that are already fully briefed on the customers profile and history?
  • Using chats asynchronous nature to offer a great deal more comfort and less stress to your customers
  • What is the potential for machine learning tools to help us capatilise on customer data and forge more meaningful engagements?
Renske Siersema
Aviation Marketing

KLM Case Study: How KLM is taking the next step in using artificial intelligence on social media to provide hybrid “Human+AI” conversations that support their customers?

  • Utilising an AI system that can learn from service agent’s actions and get smarter over time to handle more complex questions
  • Balancing your AI with a human approach so your service agents can focus on questions and conversations with customers that require the human touch.
  • How far can we go with customer service automation without losing the human element completely?
Christoph Neut
Aviation Marketing

When messaging becomes your dominant customer interaction channel within the airlines industry

  • Power effortless customer experiences at scale
  • Are you ready for a tsunami of messages?
  • Seamless integration of human and bot enabled channels
  • Examples of how leading Airlines such as Delta Airlines, Emirates, Brussels Airport leverage messaging communication channels
Ross Feinstein
Aviation Marketing

How the world's largest airline use real time social networking to communicate with customers?

  • Serving 600,000 passengers per day – How can you successfully monitor all issues and use social as a first line of defence?
  • As customer expectations are at an all-time high what kind of pressure does this put on our customer service agents and how can we help them navigate through the noise?
  • Allowing social to inform business decisions – How to keep your senior management engaged and influenced by social media
Panel discussion
Aviation Marketing

Panel discussion: How will conversational customer service (public and private) evolve and how do we balance the bots with a human element to avoid a viral crisis?

  • With an intense focus on private messaging in 2018 how should we cater for and prioritise various types of travellers based on their value to the airline?
  • Customers voices are now louder than ever, how do we create meaningful relationships with customer by listening and resolving their issues at the desired touch point?
  • Can humanity in service help truly differentiate your airline and win the travellers excited by the prospect of a highly engaged personalised experience?
  • How close are we to really breaking down internal silos and allowing social to inform business decisions?

Networking Break and Refreshments


Akira Mitsumasu
Aviation Marketing

Hyper personalisation

  • As millennials take over from baby boomers in reshaping the travel industry should airlines become more like lifestyle brands?
  • What are the innate challenges of targeting notoriously savvy travellers who are often in search of quality experiences that they can share with others?
  • How AirAsia uses tongue-in-cheek branding to emphasise its low-cost offering?
Seth Cassel
Aviation Marketing

The Myths of Inspiration and Personalization: The Power of Fare Marketing & User Experience

  • Digital departments in airlines worldwide are chasing trends in inspiration and personalization in an effort to grow direct channel revenue and customer acquisition. However, do these strategies really work?
  • Do customers really look for travel inspiration on an airline's website? And if so, how much closer to purchase does that really make them?
  • How can personalization strategies be effective if a small minority of airline website users are recognizable as return visitors? And, given the implementation of EU GDPR is personalization too much of a liability?
Sebastien Pichon
Aviation Marketing

"Travel in the 2020's: what does it mean for airlines?"

  • Insights into the travellers of the 2020's – Understanding their expectations when it comes to digital, personalisation and frictionless experiences
  • Key examples of personalisation that we’re seeing in the travel market today and understanding what actions your brand should take now to prepared
  • Understanding future technology trends that will impact your business
Simon Dempsey
Aviation Marketing

Are airlines becoming the most uninspiring brands in travel?

  • Why airline marketers insist on selling when the customer just isn’t buying.
  • Understanding the new values of the modern consumer and the great disconnect caused by sales messaging.
  • In the travel lifecycle, inspiration precedes the booking. How ‘smart’ content marketing positions brands as authentic sources of inspiration.
  • Why the framework of story is such an powerful way to compel the human brain in an age of noise.
Panel discussion
Aviation Marketing

Panel discussion: How should your marketing and content strategy differ depending on your brand and type of business model (low cost, legacy, premium etc)?

  • What is the future of VR/AR and video content and what can you do to make sure that your brand personality is reflected across all channels?
  • What is the key to effectively planning reactive content as well as real time marketing and which channels work for different types of content?
  • Across the social landscape where are the genuine opportunities for growth, new customers and good PR?
  • What is the potential for AR, VR and 360-degree ads for the future of airline marketing?
Aviation Marketing

SimpliFlying Awards 2018


Welcome Drinks Reception

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