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Loyalty, revenue and retention for the world’s airlines and airports


Many airlines have rewritten loyalty rules in recent years to make their rewards more personalised and their programs more profitable. But what is the next generation of airline loyalty programs?

This is what global loyalty leaders will explore at Aviation Loyalty, many airlines struggle to design a loyalty program that delights the modern-day traveller. We will examine different areas of loyalty to understand how the industry can keep up with rapidly changing passenger demands.


Early confirmed speakers

Mark Nasr, VP Loyalty & eCommerce, Air Canada

Mark Nasr
VP Loyalty & eCommerce
Air Canada

Mark Ross-Smith, Head of Enrich & Loyalty, Malaysian Airlines

Mark Ross-Smith
 Head of Enrich & Loyalty
Malaysian Airlines

Luc Bondar, VP Loyalty, United Airlines

Luc Bondar 
VP Loyalty
United Airlines 

Johana Jäkälä, CMO, Finnair

Johana Jäkälä 

Gabi Kool, CEO, QIX

Gabi Kool

Harald Deprosse, Managing Director, Miles and More

Harald Deprosse
 Managing Director
Miles and More

Natalia Nikolaeva, Head of Loyalty, S7 Airlines

Natalia Nikolaeva
Head of Loyalty
S7 Airlines 

Sol Zia, WestJet

Sol Zia 
Head of WestJet Rewards
WestJet Airlines



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Loyalty, Wednesday 5 September 2018


Greg Williams

MEGATRENDS KEYNOTE: When software is eating the world and the aviation industry is facing significant disruption; how do we keep the customer as our central focus?

  • How should airlines be thinking about FAANG companies and new interfaces such as AR, VR and voice technology to give passengers the chance to experience products and services?
  • Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning at scale to streamline and simplify individual business processes
  • What can we learn from the Chinese market who are light years ahead of us when it comes to mobile first, seamless and frictionless payment experiences?
  • How blockchain, IoT and machine learning can potentially offer airlines a much deeper understanding of consumer behaviour along with opportunities to unlock ancillary services?​


Linda Bos

Exploring the opportunities that Blockchain offer in aviation

  • Understanding the value that airlines can already gain from investing in blockchain
  • Developing an effective blockchain strategy today: what are the easy-wins and where are the road blocks?
  • Sharing the lessons learnt with initial projects at KLM
Ali Syed

How better customer experience drives true loyalty

  • Expedia’s new loyalty report shows that diverse product offer and customer experience drives loyalty
  • Yet, travel brands rely almost exclusively on discounts/promotions
  • Expedia’s technology solutions help partners offer more value and drive brand loyalty
Jouni Oksanen

Evaluating the opportunities for blockchain in aviation

  • Is there substance behind the buzzword?
  • Understanding the different use cases for the loyalty industry
  • Insights into Air Baltic's vision for blockchain
Glenn Wastyn

Soaring to new heights with a differentiated digital strategy

  • Exploring the three pillars of a Strategic Travel Solutions Framework: Operational Excellence, Customer Intimacy, and Product Leadership
  • Identifying which pillar and value discipline your business aligns with, and what your strengths are
  • Learn how to leverage other pillars of the Strategic Framework to drive revenue, loyalty, and product innovation


Lukas Schneider

Time: the billion dollar opportunity for ancillaries

  • Disruption in other industries shows how growth can be achieved by giving time back to customers
  • What’s the opportunity worth if the principle is applied to ancillary sales and merchandising
  • It’s not about engaging the passenger at “point of sale” but at “point of thought”
  • A case study from the rail industry
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Understanding your data to create better services for your customers

  • How can Loyalty programs and Airlines really use the wealth of data effectively?
  • Sharing our experiences of creating better customer insights from our loyalty programs
  • Developing a customer centric evidence basedstrategy

Networking lunch


Networking Break and Refreshments


Welcome Drinks Reception

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Loyalty, Thursday 6 September 2018




Panel discussion

Join us to explore the future of start-up engagement and investment in the industry with leading investors and airlines

  • Who are the latest successes of corporate start-up engagements in our industry?
  • What should airlines tech focus on for the future of their business?
  • How can airlines and other aerospace companies work with start-ups? should everyone invest? should everyone have innovation teams?
  • How to stay ahead of the pack?
  • What are the biggest barriers of innovation today for our industry?
  • Is competition conducive to innovation in our industry?
  • What is the power of partnerships and co-investments in the start-up ecosystem?


Johan Lundgren

Keynote Interview: Johan Lundgren, CEO, easyJet

New easyJet CEO Johan Lundgren joins us to talk about easyJet worldwide and look at how one of Europe’s largest airlines is using innovative solutions to expands their reach into all segments. He will also be exploring the evolution of the LCC business model in Europe and discussing the current competition and consolidation in the market.
Robin Hayes

Keynote Interview: Robin Hayes, President and CEO, JetBlue

Robin sits down with Guy Johnson to discuss the future prospect of JetBlue’s European expansion. They will also examine the consolidation in the US market and look at how much further it can go? Guy will also ask him about their beloved brand and how they continue to inspire customers and their staff to drive a better experience. Also find out more about how they’re launching corporate technology ventures to stay ahead of the curve.
Hernán Rincón

Keynote Interview: Hernan Rincon, CEO, Avianca

Avianca’s innovative CEO is a former Microsoft executive, he is leading the airlines transformation by becoming more digitally-orientated rather than just aviation focused. In short Hernan wants to transform Avianca into a “digital company that flies planes”. He chats to Guy Johnson to talk about how they are looking to become more sophisticated, analytics-driven and how they plan to use digital and mobile apps to provide the passenger with a better experience.
Panel discussion

Keynote CEO Panel: Following their interviews, our keynote speakers will join a panel discussion, where they will debate some of the biggest challenges facing the industry

  • How can the aviation industry cope with the rapid changes that digital technology brings and how are airline CEOs prioritising digital and mobile only tools and applications?
  • What is the next step for the consolidation in the European market, are low cost carriers still the core innovators in a dramatically changing industry?
  • Passenger connectivity is continually growing, how can we use this to best serve our customers and deliver a more seamless end-to-end experience?
  • What impact will low-cost long-haul travel have on the future of global competition and will we see new feeder partnerships develop?
  • What does the next generation travel experience look like?
Dee Waddell

Innovation Keynote: Know Your Innovation ABCs: AI, Blockchain, Cloud

  • How are these technologies advancing the airline industry in a tangible way?
  • What successes do they drive?
  • What's next for their impact in the coming months?

Networking refreshment break in the exhibition hall

round tables

Technology & Strategy Roundtables

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 30 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
Airline Holidays – just another ancillary product tick-in the box, or a longer-term strategic play to drive more direct business?
Jon French

Jon French, Business Development Director, Global Airline Solutions, Hotelbeds Group

Are airlines keeping up with the Uber, Netflix, Amazon’s of the world? Join us to discuss what it means to create a truly single view of the customer to create loyalty and unlock value.
Spencer Wilcox

Spencer Wilcox, Strategic Value Consultant, Domo

Artificial Intelligence. Are you getting the most out of it?
Sergio Sánchez González

Sergio Sánchez González, Industry Business Development Associate (EMEA TTL), Salesforce

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence – are these just buzz words or will they empower to the next generation of retailing?
Pramod Jain

Pramod Jain, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions Management, Sabre

CX is the new black! How to create better customer experience and monetise service products by focusing on users and their needs?
Ville Osterlund

Ville Osterlund, SVP Customer Insight, Digitalist Group And Network

Empowering the passenger with customer - centric strategy
Jan Richards

Jan Richards, Head of Insights And Planning At Dublin Airport Authority, Dublin Airport

EU261 Best Practices: What are the best strategies to handle delayed passengers and cancelled flights and is there a right way to respond to EU261?
Oliver Bradburne

Oliver Bradburne, Account handler, Aerospace, JLT Specialty Limited

From complaints to compliments and better cost control, is IROPS logistics automation the answer?
Viktoriya Soubra

Viktoriya Soubra, Commercial Manager, Travelliance Global

How can airlines be confident that inflight connectivity will deliver a positive return?
Frederik Van Essen

Frederik Van Essen, SVP, Market and Business Development, Inmarsat Aviation

How can airlines both increase incremental revenue and driver greater NPS?
Fenn Bailey

Fenn Bailey, Chief Technology Officer, Volantio Inc.

How can IFC deliver on truly cloud-scaled user experiences?
Henning Horst

Henning Horst, Senior Manager, Sales Aeronautical EMEA, SES Networks

How can we transform the IoT buzzword into a genuine revenue booster for airlines and airports?
Ralf Kodritsch

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RAIN RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors

How do we secure our data in fast changing IT-Architectures?
Thorsten Deutrich

Thorsten Deutrich, Vice President of Sales, GlobalDots

How the Industrial Internet can help you drive greater asset productivity and improve flight efficiency?
Adam Ward

Adam Ward, Director, Digital Sales Europe, GE Aviation

How to build a world class airline through digital innovation
Martin Ward

Martin Ward, Senior Director of Customer Experience (CX) software business, Oracle

How to build loyalty during disruption?
Al Tredinnick

Al Tredinnick, BDM, 15below

Invasion of the Account Snatchers: How can airlines keep loyalty programs safe in the age of data breaches
Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee, Trust & Safety Architect, Sift Science

Modernising your airline: What would your RM world look like without Fare Families and RBD’s?
Alexander Mans

Alexander Mans, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, FLYR

Next gen retail: Data driven insights to drive increases in ancilliary sales.
Dee Waddell

Dee Waddell, Global Managing Director, Travel & Transportation, IBM

Now that nearly half (43%) of all available seat miles (ASM) worldwide offer at least a chance of Wi-Fi what are the connectivity requirements and best practices that the industry should be offering airlines and their passengers?
Jon Norris

Jon Norris, Senior Director - Marketing, Panasonic Avionics

Offer transformation - what it is really? It's time to stop tinkering with legacy processes and embrace the wholesale transformation of the airline offer. But what does offer transformation mean and what are the real-world applications?
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Farelogix

Offers, Merchandising, Orders - How to play nice together and win?
Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst, CTO, 2e Systems

Partnering around biometrics and other technology to enhance the passenger experience beyond the airport
Shrinking the world – how airlines can make sure fraud doesn’t hinder international expansion
Gabrielle Kobrin

Gabrielle Kobrin, Airline Fraud Specialist, Riskified

What’s the next big innovation in ancillary merchandising?
Mark Brown

Mark Brown, Vice President Sales & Client Accounts EMEA, Fusion

Why Heathrow and Gatwick are joining forces to create a blockchain for operational excellence
Abhi Chacko

Abhi Chacko, Head Of I.T.Commercial And Innovation, Gatwick Airport


Gabi Kool

Out-smart Google and Facebook with a new approach to loyalty

  • Creating customer insights and incentivising behaviour: PINS approach to loyalty
  • Creating user engagement with gamification and real personalised value
  • Making sure you aren’t overtaken by the new fish: reimagining challenges to become big opportunities
Brian Sumers

Networking lunch in the exhibition hall


Luc Bondar

Focusing on engagement and utility for the customer at United

  • Hear how United are focused on driving customer engagement with a focus on premium personalised services
  • The relationship between digital & engagement; merging real-time operational data with customer facing functions and building new services
  • Adding value and monetisation withoutalienating customers with personalisation, data and innovation
Mike Slone

Learn how to avoid Airline Digital Disorder by using a Customer centric strategy to define the future of travel. Your airline may have A.D.D., if:

  • Your team is using words like blockchain, personalization, big data, AI, NLP, Cloud, API, bot, and IOT,on a daily basis, but have nothing to show for it
  • You bought generic, out-of-the-box functionality from a large tech provider because other airlines did too
  • You conducted customer journey mapping exercises or user testing, but then ignored the findings
  • You spent one year on a site redesign, launched it a year later, and realized it’s outdated
  • If you or your team suffer from any of these symptoms, you are not alone. Walk away from this talk with not only preventative measures, but proven ideas to disrupt your digital future
Sol Zia

From low cost incentives to high value returns: the WestJet loyalty evolution

    Setting the scene: changing our egalitarian loyalty program to expand a top tier membershipEnsuring our new offer is attractive to members through thorough market researchWorking to implement a program which benefits customers and drives economic growth
Tomas Salfischberger

How a revolution in data-driven marketing will change the travel industry

  • The growing world of data: delivering true 1:1 personalization across channels in a data-driven marketing landscape
  • Why orchestration of customer journeys and Artificial Intelligence is not something of the future, but already key in your day-to-day business and marketing activities
  • Understanding how KLM Royal Dutch Airlines uses AI to create more effective media buying models and combines data across channels to lower marketing costs
Steven Mann

Developing a smart approach to marketing your loyalty program to increase engagement

  • Understand how Virgin Australia is using creativity and real-time insights to increase engagement with its customers
  • Sharing how we are using data in surprising ways to delight our customers
  • Developing the use of our CRM at scale tooptimise the relationship with our customers

Afternoon refreshment break and exhibition viewing


Panel discussion

Dragons Den

We have partnered with some of the best airline innovation hubs and accelerators from around the world to solve the everyday problems that the aviation industry faces.Some of the very best organisations that have emerged from our research will give a 3-minute pitch on stage to you the audience and to or carefully selected judging panel of some of the industry’s most informed executives.Join us to see how we as an industry can innovate through collaborating with start-ups to meet the needs of our passengers
last published: 17/Aug/18 11:45

Loyalty, Friday 7 September 2018


Conference doors open

Avi Golan

Air New Zealand and JetBlue Tech Ventures special announcement

Leveraging the Travel Tech startup ecosystem to prepare the travel industry for the future. Learn how an emerging international aviation collaboration program taps into the fast growing startup community to define the future of air travel.

Future Technology, digital revolution, passenger behaviours and distribution

Henry Harteveldt

Chairman’s opening remarks

Sir Tim Clark

Industry game changer Interview: Sir Tim Clark, President, Emirates

Industry legend Sir Tim sits down with Henry Harteveldt to discuss:
    How is the airline industry adapting to rapidly changing passenger behaviours and what kind of technological decisions should we be making to stay ahead of the curve?Embracing the revolution and understanding the next wave of big changes – Windowless planes, AI, biometrics, blockchain and hyper personalisationThe future of global distribution systems: How Emirates plans to remove digital intermediaries and take control of its offering
Linda Jojo

How United’s technological innovations exemplify the convergence of man and machine, the path to autonomous mobility and global connectivity.

  • Autonomous trends among the aviation landscape in particular – and how technology, innovation and data are transforming both customer service and key hub economies.
  • The tools and applications that are shifting the airline industry as employees and customers gain greater control of the travel experience, especially within a connected world.
  • How the right technology can help companies connect people and provide the best possible customer experience.
Campbell Wilson

Keynote presentation: Marrying service with digital leadership

  • Equipping the world’s most awarded airline for the digital age
  • Understanding the importance of balancing technology, people and mindset
  • What have been the key challenges, successes and learnings?
Panel discussion

What will be the key digital disruptions in the next 5 years and how will blockchain, AI, Machines Learning, data, Wi-Fi and intelligent retailing help shape the future of the industry?

  • What are the key potential touchpoints for artificial intelligence and how much of a priority will AI applications be for the airline industry by 2019?
  • Will blockchain live up to the hype and be the panacea for data exchange that the airline industry desperately needs?
  • Intelligent retailers – How can airlines start to become smarter with their offers and use digital to differentiate products and services?
  • What will the next generation of in In-flight connectivity and on-board entertainment services and products look like?
  • How can airlines effectively transition into digital companies that fly planes?
Panel discussion

Networking refreshment break and exhibition viewing


Harald Deprosse

Discussing how blockchain will revolutionise the loyalty game

  • HearLufthansa’s vision for the future of loyalty
  • Discussing the opportunities that blockchain will provide
  • How can we overcome the biggest challenges to this vision?
Rob Borden

Driving loyalty through alternative payments

    How should airlines be thinking about the evolving payments landscape in the age of Fintech, machine learning and artificial intelligence?As traveler demographics evolve, what are their expectations with respect to paying for their travel?In this ever-changing environment, what can airlines do to continue to grow their co-brand portfolios?
Nik Laming

Driving loyalty in the Philippines with a LCC modelling

  • Developing a Low Cost Frequent Flyer business model: where does our value come from?
  • Focusing on optimising the relationship between eCommerce and Loyalty at Cebu
  • Driving banking take up in the Philippines: developing innovative payment solutions that benefit our customer demographics
Robin Collyer

Why Empathy is key to the future of loyalty

  • How does the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), give airlines an unprecedented opportunity to re-imagine customer engagement?
  • Empathise with each customer’s situation and demonstrate your loyalty to them
  • We’ll explore the 5 design principles for AI-enabled contextual customer engagement
Natalia Nikolaeva

Driving growth with Co-Branded products in Russia

  • Creating an exclusive partnership with one of Russia's biggest banks
  • Sharing the unique benefits of the program which is driving membership growth
  • Using our channels as the main source of sales based on our core customers

Friction Free Flight Disruption - A Swissair/SSP Case Study

    Connecting the airlines and retailers to provide a seamless passenger experienceSingle click automated voucher distribution to 100% of passengersAssured EC261 compliance and fraud elimination withzero systems integration needed
Onur Dedeköylü

Developing a new loyalty strategy at Pegasus

  • Reimagining loyalty for new generation of travellers
  • The link between customer experience and loyalty: how can we encourage natural loyalty?
  • Ensuring our loyalty program is commercially successful: what are the pillars of our strategy?

Networking lunch in the exhibition hall


Close of the festival - See you next year!

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