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Brand new for 2018 we are introducing Airport T.EX which looks at technology and passenger experience for the world’s airports. The world’s leading airports are turning to new technologies to elevate the passenger experience and we aim to showcase some of the latest innovations that are creating a more seamless on the ground experience for passengers around the world.

This is why we have created Airport T.EX and we aim to be the world’s most important event for airport passenger technology. This will be where the future of pre-travel, check-in, baggage, security, wayfinding, lounge, gate technology and experience will be decided.


Speakers Include:


Paul Griffiths, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Airports

Paul Griffiths 
Chief Executive Officer
Dubai Airports

Barbera Dalibard, CEO, SITA

Barbara Dalibard  

Hari Marar, President, Bangalore International Airport

Hari Marar 
Bangalore International Airport

Stuart Birrell Chief Information Officer Heathrow Airports Limited

Stuart Birrell 
Chief Information Officer
Heathrow Airports Limited

Henk Jan Gerzee Schiphol

Henk Jan Gerzee 
Schiphol Group

Suhail Kadri    VP of Information Technology  Hamad International Airport

Suhail Kadri    
VP of Information Technology  
Hamad International Airport

Floor Felten Brisbane Airport

Floor Felten   
General Manager Strategic Planning & Development  
Brisbane Airport Corporation

Raman Srinavasan

Raman Srinavasan    
New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport

Katja Siberg Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications Finavia Corporation

Katja Siberg    
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications
Finavia Corporation

Bart Saverwyns

Bart Saverwyns     
Chief Digital Officer 
Brussels Airport

Aymeric Dussart, Director of Technologies and Innovation, Aeroports De Montreal

Aymeric Dussart    
Director of Technologies and Innovation  
Aeroports de Montreal

Katja Siberg Senior Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Communications Finavia Corporation

Cathal Corcoran    
Chief Information Officer
Gatwick Airport

Maurice Jenkins

Maurice Jenkins  
Division Director for Information Systems
Miami Dade County, Aviation Department

Kam Jandu

Kam Jandu  
Chief Commercial Officer
Budapest Airpor

Brian Cobb

Brian Cobb

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Int'l Airport

Nolan Hough Managing Director	 MAGO

Nolan Hough   
Managing Director

Abhi Chacko    
Head of I.T. Commercial and Innovation 
Gatwick Airport

Mammen Tharakan  
Manager Air Service Development 
Calgary Airport Authority

Simon Brown  
Airport Operations IT Leader 
Heathrow Airports Limited

Aimen Al Hosni, CEO, Oman Airports

Aimen Al Hosni  
Oman Airports


Sponsors Include:

Sponsors Aviation Airport T.ex



DAY 1  |  DAY 2  |  DAY 3

Airport T.EX, Wednesday 5 September 2018


Jerry Angrave
Airport T.EX

Chairman's Welcome

Fredrik Jaresved
Airport T.EX

Opening Keynote Address: How Stockholm designed “Airport City” to create an interactive dialogue with passengers

  • Non-aeronautical revenue streams and their ever-increasing importance
  • Airport City: the sustainable retail and development project that will pave the way to Stockholm’s future
  • Why Stockholm has chosen to go down this route and how will it ultimately benefit the passenger?
Manolo Almagro
Airport T.EX

Rethinking Airport Retail - Data Driven Experiences

  • Today’s travelers want the same type of convenience and personalization they get in all the other parts of their lives
  • What are the types of data driven experiences and personalization that will be possible with emerging tech, IoT and AI?
  • Rethinking the roles transformative technology and connected commerce have in Airport Retail
Katja Siberg
Airport T.EX

How Finavia develops customer experience to transferring passengers?

  • How to make the most of Airports and the data-paradise within.
  • How to pull the vast streams of data that IoT and beacons provides us into useful information?
  • Why do we need to adapt legacy processes to become more agile and lean?
Kam Jandu
Airport T.EX

Budapest’s strategy to drive revenue through collaboration with airlines

  • A success story: how we have partnered with Wizz to create retail offers
  • Developing retail spaces and the associated infrastructure to maximise opportunities
  • What role will retail play in the seamless experience of the future?
Airport T.EX

Morning break and refreshments

Panel discussion
Airport T.EX

How can airports maximise innovation and increase non-aeronautical revenue generation?

  • What is the future of retail in airport revenue generation?
  • Which technologies are going to have the biggest impact on non-aeronautical revenue?
  • What is the key to agile product development in airports?
  • With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges?


Brian Cobb
Airport T.EX

How CVG is transforming our airport through the use of beacon technology?

  • Informing passengers and leveraging beacons to accurately predict passenger flow
  • The impact this has ad on our understanding of the airport and future revenue generation opportunities
  • How will blockchain and beacons interact in a future blockchain environment that encompasses the door to seat experience and beyond?
Simon Wilcox
Airport T.EX

How are Heathrow automating processes throughout the airport for smooth navigation of the airport?

  • Unlocking capacity through automation
  • How we track the customer journey from biometric validation through to passport control using a digital identity and smart infra.
  • What next? How can airports learn from our experience and how are we looking to take the next steps to build revenue?
Airport T.EX

Decreasing waiting times and stress through accurate, IoT-fuelled information

  • Why providing a truly seamless experience is crucial to the development of the airport business model
  • How can beacon technology and intelligent AV products facilitate this exchange of information?
  • What changes we were able to implement as a consequence of an intelligent beacon strategy
Stuart Cotterell
Airport T.EX

Broadcasting to Passengers – why we must fight the temptation

    Wayfinding and beacon: How Edinburgh is exploring how communication can be improved by moving away from broadcastingClear communication to passengers is vital within an tannoy announcements, flight information display screens, and gate screens.How our habit of using broadcast techniques is holding us back from properly embracing individual passenger engagement.
round tables
Airport T.EX


With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them.
Enhancing the travel experience with passenger data analytics
Rami Hindieh

Rami Hindieh, Associate Director, Greater Toronto Airports Authority

How to design a digital ready terminal that is ready for today's technology strategies?
Shaping the Milan Airports experience of tomorrow through an integrated IoT strategy
Arrigo Santini

Arrigo Santini, CDO/ Head of E-Channel Management, S.E.A. Milan Airports

last published: 17/Aug/18 11:45

Airport T.EX, Thursday 6 September 2018

round tables
Airport T.EX

Technology & Strategy Roundtables - Click here to view full list

With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them. After 30 minutes, there is one rotation, so participants can join two tables during the session.
A data driven Journey
Jose Alvarez

Jose Alvarez, EMEA Industry Strategy Director, Oracle

Airline Holidays – just another ancillary product tick-in the box, or a longer-term strategic play to drive more direct business ?
Jon French

Jon French, Business Development Director, Global Airline Solutions, Hotelbeds Group

Are airlines keeping up with the Uber, Netflix, Amazon’s of the world? Join us to discuss what it means to create a truly single view of the customer to create loyalty and unlock value.
Spencer Wilcox

Spencer Wilcox, Strategic Value Consultant, Domo

Artificial Intelligence. Are you getting the most out of it?
Sergio Sánchez González

Sergio Sánchez González, Industry Business Development Associate (EMEA TTL), Salesforce

As legacy distribution becomes unsustainable, how should airlines embrace the travel distribution revolution?
Dee Waddell

Dee Waddell, Global Managing Director, Travel & Transportation, IBM

Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence – are these just buzz words or will they empower to the next generation of retailing?
Pramod Jain

Pramod Jain, Vice President of Marketing and Solutions Management, Sabre

CX is the new black! How to create better customer experience and monetise service products by focusing on users and their needs?
Ville Osterlund

Ville Osterlund, SVP Customer Insight, Digitalist Group And Network

Empowering the passenger with customer - centric strategy
Jan Richards

Jan Richards, Head of Insights And Planning At Dublin Airport Authority, Dublin Airport

EU261 Best Practices: What are the best strategies to handle delayed passengers and cancelled flights and is there a right way to respond to EU261?
Oliver Bradburne

Oliver Bradburne, Account handler, Aerospace, JLT Specialty Limited

From complaints to compliments and better cost control, is IROPS logistics automation the answer?
David Palmieri

David Palmieri, CEO, @aquila Inc.

How can airlines be confident that inflight connectivity will deliver a positive return?
Frederik Van Essen

Frederik Van Essen, SVP, Market and Business Development, Inmarsat Aviation

How can airlines both increase incremental revenue and driver greater NPS?
Fenn Bailey

Fenn Bailey, Chief Technology Officer, Volantio Inc.

How can IFC deliver on truly cloud-scaled user experiences?
Henning Horst

Henning Horst, Senior Manager, Sales Aeronautical EMEA, SES Networks

How can we transform the IoT buzzword into a genuine revenue booster for airlines and airports?
Ralf Kodritsch

Ralf Kodritsch, Director Segment Manager RAIN RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors

How do we secure our data in fast changing IT-Architectures?
Thorsten Deutrich

Thorsten Deutrich, Vice President of Sales, GlobalDots

How the Industrial Internet can help you drive greater asset productivity and improve flight efficiency?
Adam Ward

Adam Ward, Director, Digital Sales Europe, GE Aviation

How the Industrial Internet can help you drive greater asset productivity and improve flight efficiency?
How to build loyalty during disruption?
Al Tredinnick

Al Tredinnick, BDM, 15below

Invasion of the Account Snatchers: How can airlines keep loyalty programs safe in the age of data breaches
Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee, Trust & Safety Architect, Sift Science

Modernising your airline: What would your RM world look like without Fare Families and RBD’s?
Alexander Mans

Alexander Mans, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, FLYR

Now that nearly half (43%) of all available seat miles (ASM) worldwide offer at least a chance of Wi-Fi what are the connectivity requirements and best practices that the industry should be offering airlines and their passengers?
Jon Norris

Jon Norris, Senior Director - Marketing, Panasonic Avionics

Offer transformation - what it is really? It's time to stop tinkering with legacy processes and embrace the wholesale transformation of the airline offer. But what does offer transformation mean and what are the real-world applications?
Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson, President and Chief Executive Officer, Farelogix

Offers, Merchandising, Orders - How to play nice together and win?
Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst, CTO, 2e Systems

Partnering around biometrics and other technology to enhance the passenger experience beyond the airport
Michael Hardin

Michael Hardin, Director of Policy, Entry/Exit Transformation, Office of Field Operations, US Customs and Border Protection

Shrinking the world - how airlines and OTAs can safely accept payments from anywhere to better serve travelers of all kinds
Gabrielle Kobrin

Gabrielle Kobrin, Airline Fraud Specialist, Riskified

What’s the next big innovation in ancillary merchandising?
Mark Brown

Mark Brown, Vice President Sales & Client Accounts EMEA, Fusion

Why Heathrow and Gatwick are joining forces to create a blockchain for operational excellence
Abhi Chacko

Abhi Chacko, Head Of I.T.Commercial And Innovation, Gatwick Airport


Suhail Kadri
Airport T.EX

Exclusive Keynote: Hamad International Airport: Taking innovation beyond the tech arena by using blockchain, biometrics and IoT.

  • Creating a series of projects that leveragetechnologies such as blockchain, biometrics and IoT to create the world’s most technologically advanced airport
  • The challenges faced when retrofitting the most advanced IoT technology in pre-digital infrastructure
  • How to ensure a rapid walkthrough experience whilst building the IT architecture behind boosting non-aeronautical revenue.
Panel discussion
Airport T.EX

Keynote CIO Panel: The Digital transformation of today’s airports: IoT, blockchain and creative innovation

  • How can we transform the world’s busiest hubs to be ready for future technology demands
  • Fostering growth with partners through intelligent collaboration
  • Improving guest experience and driving revenue through the use of vast pools of data and advanced analytics
Cathal Corcoran, Chief Information Officer, Gatwick Airport


Maurice Jenkins
Airport T.EX

How blockchain will revolutionise security and digital identity in the context of international travel

    How blockchain is radically changing the way that we think about the security processWhat elements of blockchain mean that it is perfectly suited solving these data privacy issuesReplacing the Hub. A dream that is finally becoming a reality for airports
Matthew Pruitt
Airport T.EX

Secure digital identities for next-generation air travel: using biometrics to bridge the gap curb-to-destination

    The new biometric and analytic technology that can keep borders safe while making travel, curb to destination, easier for everyone involvedThe key commercial development cycles that fine-tuned biometrics for use with the general populationHow that technology was then transitioned and adapted for use in the airports to be used for ticketless boarding and automatic customs checks without the use for tradition physical credentials.
Michael Hardin
Airport T.EX

How innovative data collection over the last ten years and biometrics has provided a feedback loop for the borders of the future

  • How the Department of Homeland Security sees the future of digital identity
  • How DHS is leveraging decades of excellence to provide the best customer journey possible
  • What airports and airlines can do to make best use of this approach and drive innovation
Raman Srinivasan
Airport T.EX

Biometrics as the future of seamless travel at Delhi

  • Lessons learnt from leveraging Biometrics through India’s largest aviation trial.
  • Our system integration why it is the key to the challenges faced by seamless walkthrough
  • Predictive maintenance, IoT and smart assets. The impact data has had on GMR and Delhi
last published: 17/Aug/18 11:45

Airport T.EX, Friday 7 September 2018

Paul Griffiths
Airport T.EX

Keynote Interview - Paul Griffiths, CEO, Dubai Airports

Paul sits down to discuss reimagining how Dubai sees the airports of the future. We will be reviewing his vision for DBX and the exciting new projects being undertaken there. What technologies will be the drivers of change in the travel industry? How can we prepare ourselves for this and what are the commercial opportunities going forward?
Hari Marar
Airport T.EX

Keynote Interview - Hari Marar, CEO, Bangalore International Airport

Being based in the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore has unique opportunities to leverage new technologies. Hari will come to the Aviation Festival to discuss how Bangalore are benefiting from their Innovation Lab through single token development, asset management and analytics to match the soaring capacity needs of the Indian market.
Henk Jan Gerzee
Airport T.EX

Keynote Interview: Henk Jan Gerzee, CDO, Amsterdam Schiphol

Schiphol’s new Chief Digital Officer to give his vision of Schiphol and the aviation sector at large. Schiphol is uniquely placed to take advantage of a plethora of opportunities through intelligent data management. Henk Jan will sit down to tell us where their digital priorities lie.
Panel discussion
Airport T.EX

Keynotes - Airport C-Level Panel Debate - How can we leverage innovation and technology to adapt and create the airports of tomorrow?

  • How should the world’s airports be looking to adapt and use technology to help maximise efficiency and revenues?
  • What will be retail’s role in the airports of the future and how can technology facilitate retail growth?
  • As security demands become ever more stringent and capacity increases, what can we do to improve passenger flow and experience?


Nolan Hough
Airport T.EX

MAG-O: Building a seamless walkthrough experience through radical innovation from the ground up

  • The reasons behind MAG’s decision to reconstruct their digital architecture from scratch
  • How to identify passenger pain points and centre innovation groups around them
  • How to drive seamless passenger experience: our vision of the future airport
Per Andersson
Airport T.EX

Creating the Airport Effect

  • How Airlines may reap financial and operational benefits from working in true collaborative partnerships
  • How to bring together Airports, Air Navigation Services Providers and advanced Technology Providers
Aymeric Dussart
Airport T.EX

How is Montreal using technology to create a more seamless travel experience and improved operational efficiency?

  • How has Montreal embraced technology to deliver real impacts on passenger experience?
  • How we have progressed and used the pools of data collected to further improve operational efficiency
  • What is the potential for airports to capitalize on emerging technologies to improve passenger experience and what could be the effect of new regulations and cybersecurity on these initiatives?
Floor Felten
Airport T.EX

Brisbane’s strategic vision: how we are incorporating innovation for seamless walkthrough.

  • The story behind our knowledge management and how we spread expertise through the airport
  • How biometric technology is being deployed into every stage of the passenger experience
  • Future vision: The potential of digital collaboration with airlines.
Bart Saverwyns
Airport T.EX

How to avoid a two-speed airport and ensure that digital is spread across our entire organisation?

  • What have we done up until now to place the customer at the heart of the what we do.
  • What are the cultural challenges we faced when implementing innovation at Brussels BRU?
  • Finding the balance of creativity without limits and the practicalities of the aviation sector


Dougie Anscombe-Stephen
Airport T.EX

How Luton have used key principles to drive innovation and build a customer-centric airport experience.

  • How to future proof our airport to ensure smart devices are at the heart of each element of an airport.
  • Automating processes to build a seamless, digital customer journey that, in turn, drives ancillary revenues.
  • How we are leveraging IoT and beacons to make device and asset tracking possible.
Karsten Madsen
Airport T.EX

The story behind the digital transformation of Copenhagen’s successful baggage process

  • ​Why we are using camera technology to scan barcodes
  • How we are improving image analysis of baggage
  • Is RFID a realistic aim and how can we reach a new norm as an industry
Mammen Tharakan
Airport T.EX

How to deploy new technology at each stage of the passenger journey for smooth walkthrough

  • Automatizing complex procedures to create synergies between airlines and airports
  • Ensuring implementation of the techology is ultimately beneficial to the passenger experience
  • With mobile technologies and integrated systems how big can we think going forward?
last published: 17/Aug/18 11:45


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