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peakwork is the software specialist for the travel industry. The innovative and unique world-wide Player-Hub technology has set new standards, resulting in higher quality, quantity, accuracy and speed in producing and selling travel products. Tour operators, service providers and retail sales channels benefit from an increase in conversions and turnover plus the overall user experience is also improved due to the flexibility and choice available to the front-end channels.
peakwork has a young, dynamic team of travel professionals with years of experience in developing highly efficient software, providing real innovation and proven solutions to the industry.
DRV GlobalTypes® and the DRV Request Interface has been developed by peakwork on behalf of DRV (the German Travel Association) and is available to our international customers via peakwork technology. This enables all individual attributes relating to a hotel to be tagged using a DRV unique code and therefore unifying all attributes regardless of the supplier to a single standard.
We work in partnership with our customers, providing tailored solutions to meet the requirements and expectations of today’s travel consumers.