At JETPUBS our primary purpose and reason for existing is to make our customer’s lives easier. With more than 450 global clients, JETPUBS is an aviation services company delivering solutions for all manuals and training materials.

As the leader in this niche space, JETPUBS maximizes its competitive advantage to assist customers at improving the efficiency of their Flight Operations, In-Flight, Maintenance, and Ground Operations with high quality manuals and training materials delivered in traditional tangible formats, online, or via iPad and/or iPhone applications. From managing content and revisions for manuals via its proprietary Online Manuals Service to providing cockpit posters, static trainers, systems schematics, study apps, and cabin graphics, we deliver to requested fleet configurations and requirements.

JETPUBS elevates aviation by unlocking access to uncommon service and 5 star outcomes by exploiting our 200+ years of aggregate employee aviation experience, overwhelming number of carrier instances worldwide, and the way we think, act, and behave. Bottom line: JETPUBS puts you in charge without putting you to work.