Agenda Day 2

Day 2 Aviation Festival Americas







Mr William Shaw

Keynote Presentation: Creating technically sound business strategies to affect bottom line ROI

  • High-Touch, High-Engagement through digital-mobile platforms including chatbox-messenger implementation, Instagram and twitter
  • Cloud Systems and integration and dealing with legacy systems, measuring ROI in a hybrid cloud platform integration
  • The digital traveler and the evolution of airline-consumer interaction; fostering a digital relationship with a traveler that is based on offering the best travel experience and not the best ticketing experience 
  • Discretionary pricing - is it finally here and is NDC already proving to bridge the gap between standard and truly personal offerings?
Dag Skage

Keynote Presentation: The tech behind exponential growth strategy – Norwegian’s CIO speaks on the work behind the tech veil for Norwegian Air

  • Long-haul low-cost, how to prepare for the technological processes required to create a strong tech foundation
  • Norwegian’s systematic growth and the actual IT systems that make it possible
  • How do we go about implementing an effective IT framework for tomorrow and exploring where we can apply it: ticketing, pricing and more


Mr Seth Cassel

Keynote Presentation: The direct channel, passenger acquisition, and owning your customer

  • New customer acquisition and incremental revenue growth
  • Improving customer experience and conversion online through new technologies
  • Executing highly technical strategies without highly technical people






World Low Cost Congress

Presentation: Sold out without being a sellout – Lessons from the Southwest Airlines business model

  • Analyzing the basic philosophy behind LCC’s—Low fares and demand stimulation
  • Understanding that brand identity should never take a back seat to expansion
  • Achieving brand purity; don’t damage your value proposition by distilling company culture
Aviation IT Show

Embracing e-commerce with NDC – Are airlines becoming internet companies?

  • Building a diversified portfolio of leading, specialized e-commerce brands as an airline 
  • Using e-commerce tools to sell ancillary services 
  • Thinking like an e-commerce giant- What can airlines learn from companies like Amazon and Alibaba? 
  • Using e-commerce to create a new revenue stream 
  • E-commerce and how NDC can help you acquire focused data that is shareable and accessible between  brands to encourage dynamic approaches to airline customers
The Aviation Interiors Show

Future of aircraft seating –An inside look into trends in seating and interior design

  • Newest trends in seating layouts and products; slim line, diversified product lines, premium economy products, etc.
  • How light is too light? An inside look into the specifics of lightweight material applications in seating and how to know when you’re pushing too far
  • Additive manufacturing and how they want to shake up part procurement, replacement and what its limitations are
World Low Cost Congress

Panel: The brave world of startup airlines – Startup airlines discuss obstacles, opportunities, creative new business models and bursting through the stratosphere

  • Seeing the aviation industry through the eyes of startups; what are the big issues, what needs are these new business models addressing?
  • Analyzing startup trends to understand what brings about successes and failures in the landscape
  • Understanding the startup market, who are the travelers and what are they looking for?
The Aviation Interiors Show

Airplane hotels: Bars, showers & other amenities

  • Creating an unforgettable brand experience through the inclusion of luxury amenities
  • Making a case for excess, when is it justifiable to make a flying hotel?
  • Scaling down versatile amenities, how can we marry cost with a unique experience based on in-cabin amenities
Aviation IT Show

Lookin’ and Bookin’ – How to decrease website bounce rates and increase your look to book ratio

  • How do you take advantage of data to better engage your customers?
  • What data is necessary to provide a personalized experience?
  • How can increased engagement promote conversion and revenue?
World Low Cost Congress

Presentation: From Iceland to Miami and back –

  • Tackling on low-cost in the long-haul: Creating a mission statement and how you can pull it off
  • Unbundling through straightforward philosophy “Why should you pay for something you’re not using?”
  • Creating a brand brimming with personality: Flirting your way to Iceland by matching with an airline in Tinder
  • An inside look into a successful corporate culture: Fostering an environment that employees love to work in and making it synchronous with brand identity
The Aviation Interiors Show

Standing while flying “Yeah, right!” – Are standing room planes soon to be a reality?

  • What are the pressure points on the topic? Customer perspective, implementation and spacing standards?
  • Folding cinema seating; save room and increasing mobility in the plane with similar alternatives
  • What are the twisting seats, and slide over seats and how can we use them to be more space and weight conscious in our aircrafts?





Aviation IT Show

Protecting yourself - Developing a robust cyber security strategy

  • Create an inclusive and impenetrable cyber security plan to protect your data and operations
  • Protecting cloud-based assets by monitoring access points and understanding vulnerabilities
  • How do you know when you are under attack and how can you combat it?
  • How to safely navigate the dangers without slowing down your business
Aviation Strategies

Presentation: Disruptive distribution – Breaking the traditional business model and trailblazing through disruption

  • Understanding the pros and cons of alliances and why some are actively choosing not to participate.
  • Realizing the foundation of disruption: understanding the traditional airline model so it can be challenged
  • Debunking the myth that we operate in an age of open skies
  • GDS distribution is made for legacy carriers. What needs to change?
  •  Are airline commissions truly a thing of the past?
  • Challenging the notion in the outsider’s perspective of unbiased travel agents
The Aviation Interiors Show

The Amazing Technicolor 3D Printed Aircraft – The 3D printed interior revolution and how you benefit

  • Utilizing 3D Printing processes to cut material costs in aviation interior outfitting
  • Creating complex, consolidated parts with high strength up to, and surpassing, industry standards
  • Weight reduction and ultimate cost saving implications by utilizing 3D printable material and streamlining manufacturing processes
Aviation IT Show

Asset maintenance through predictive analytics and IoT – How can we promote operational efficiency by getting the most out of our assets?

  • Utilizing IoT systems to collect asset-based data and monitor maintenance needs
  • Using analytics to understand procedural efficiency and its impact on the health of our assets
  • Understanding regulation impact when adopting new technologies, especially when fleet-maintenance is involved
Aviation Strategies

Presentation: End-to-End Distribution – NDC and providing a bigger picture of industry transformation

  • NDC’s road map and recent achievements: Have we reached the stage of mass adoption?
  • How NDC is changing the current distribution landscape and what it means for airlines’ future distribution strategies?
  • How does NDC open up a new opportunity for interline cooperation between LCCs and FSCs?
Aviation IT Show

Agile procedural management teams – Reworking your IT internals to shorten time to market

  • How to build effective learning platforms to promote agility
  • Looking internally to foster a tech culture that nurtures reaction time and fast response in a positive way
  • Reworking legacy systems to eliminate redundancy in processes and aid your tech team in shaving off response times to irregular operations 
Aviation Strategies

Presentation: Growing in the corporate travel market: How to increase airline’ appeal to corporations

  • What is holding airlines back from gaining prominence with corporate travel buyers?
  • How to compete with the incumbent airlines’ loyalty programs and large corporate sales forces?
  • The next-generation of business travelers: Millennials and how they are shaping the future of business travel
  • What are the big trends affecting the corporate travel ecosystem in the coming years?
The Aviation Interiors Show

The Ultimate Cabin Tech Showcase – Looking at new inventions from the leaders of aviation industry technology

  • Head rest hammocks, small upgrades that pay in dividends
  • Revolutionary space utilization, creating seating, meeting and sleeping areas to mirror rail-based luxury transformation models
  • Portable Solutions, creating a lightweight in-cabin connectivity system that works as modem, server and entertainment package with access points for 50 travelers




Aviation IT Show

One Order system and finding the single source of truth: Formulating plans for massive reworking of old systems and far-reaching industry standardization

  • Exploring the ramifications of the ‘One Order’ proposition, gauging PSS and GDS providers 
  • Tackling the proposition of re-engineering back office and legacy distribution systems to pave the way for never-before-seen ease of access and transparency
  • Creating a basket that houses airline-created offerings and allows interaction and visibility with third parties
Aviation Strategies

Panel: Is forward-thinking mentality enough to survive the digital revolution?

  • Ensuring you deliver contextual and relevant customer experiences throughout all channels by analyzing current strategies including sources of data collection, usage of analytics and gauging personalization of offerings through GDSs.
  • Evoking the transition of a ticket-centric model to a customer-centric model; look above fares to ensure that customers are behind your company mission and a part of your company’s big-picture vision
  •  Adapting traditional reservation systems to cater to a digital world and deliver new capabilities and new sales channels
  • Open discussion into the future of airlines in the Americas, how will the regional aviation community meet these challenges and foster internal growth




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