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Airport Tech Experience 2019, Tuesday 14 May 2019

John Rodgerson

Keynote Interview: How has Azul increased their market share while continuing to innovate?

  • How has customer centric digitalization and fast adapting culture kept Azul on top of the industry year in and year out?
  • What are the operational benefits of the brand new A320neos and E Fleet?
  • What new revenue opportunities are opened with the fleet and how is Azul enhancing connectivity and capacity moving forward?
Jim Scott

Keynote Interview: Navigating Canadian aviation landscape as a start-up ULCC

  • Where is Flair positioning itself as a premium Ultra Low Cost Carrier against established legacy players?
  • How do you design your network to take advantage of the smaller fleet while still serving customers where they need it most?
  • What is being done to educate Canadian passengers who are still new to the a la carte nature of ULCC?
Felix Antelo

Keynote Interview: Providing customer choice and network strength while opening new angles of innovation

  • Building a strong and diverse network in domestic and international routes with disciplined capacity growth
  • Providing customer choice while driving revenue with branded fares and more personalized product segmentation
  • Owning the customer loyalty experience to learn more about needs, and create more relevant offerings
  • Working with a lean innovation team to accelerate technological offerings and elevate the passenger journey

Speed Networking & Morning Break (in Expo Hall)

Goutam Kundu
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Entry/Exit Biometrics: Should airports outsource technology or develop a culture of in-house solutions and innovations?


Networking Lunch (In Expo Hall)

Panel discussion
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Presentation Sustainable Airport: How are modern transit and on demand ride apps changing Airport Infrastructure demands?

Brian Cobb
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Startup Innovation: As a mid-tier airport how can you turn to new outlets/venture for scalable solutions in the customer journey?

Airport Tech Experience 2019

Collaborative Decision Making: Improving the overall efficiency of airport operations by optimising the use of resources and event predictability


Afternoon Networking Break (Expo Hall)

Steven Greenway

How is SWOOP reshaping the Canadian ULCC Space

  • How is SWOOP differentiating itself in a region new to ULCC?
  • How is ULCC changing the airport landscape to ensure competitive fares for customers?
  • What network opportunities are there to expand?
Seth Cassel

The Myths of Inspiration and Personalization: Performance marketing through fares and agility

  • Digital departments in airlines worldwide are chasing trends in inspiration and personalization in an effort to grow direct channel revenue and customer acquisition. However, do these strategies really work?
  • Do customers really look for travel inspiration on an airline's website? And if so, how much closer to purchase does that really make them?
  • How can personalization strategies be effective if a small minority of airline website users are recognizable as return visitors? And, given the implementation of EU GDPR is personalization too much of a liability?
René Armas Maes

How are we navigating competition in Mexican Aviation and enhancing the customer conversation?

  • How do we enhance personalization and put the best product in front of our customer?
  • How are airlines navigating “overcapacity” to stay competitive in the most profitable markets?
  • What are we learning from Virtual Assistantsand where is the future of AI and chatbot in the customer conversation to keep customers more engaged in their larger journey?
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Networking Cocktail Reception (in Expo Hall)

If interested in sponsoring contact Michael Ryan at +1 646.619.1806 or

Networking Cocktail Reception (in Expo Hall)

If interested in sponsoring contact Michael Ryan at +1 646.619.1806 or
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Airport Tech Experience 2019, Wednesday 15 May 2019


Networking Breakfast (Expo Hall)


Chairman's Opening Remarks

Rene Armas Maes
Michael Bell
Aileen McCormack

Keynote address: The Future of Travel Technology: 2030

Hideki Kunug
Duncan Bureau

How Air Canada Rouge finds flexibility and opportunity with the hybrid leisure model

  • How can you stretch the capabilities of the leisure model to serve a wider group of passengers and stay competitive within LCCs?
  • What network opportunities can Rouge provide from its strength of association with the Air Canada Group?
How has the Canadian leisure landscape evolved and what is being done to enhance ancillaries while continuing to offer a higher customer experience?

Morning Break (expo hall)

Rami Hindieh
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Master Tech Plan: Preparing your airport for the next generation of technology by standardizing KPIs and encouraging innovation across departments

Sergey Nikiforov
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Roundtable #12: Digital passengers have arrived: Keep them happy - and spending - by adapting your hub’s IT infrastructure

Nile Ledbetter
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Roundtable #9: Airport Development: Working with stakeholders from Uber to A/E firms to create a seamless airport experience

Host: Nile Ledbetter, Airport Intermodal Planner, San Francisco Airport
Rami Hindieh
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Roundtable #10: Master Tech Plan: Preparing your airport for the next generation of technology

Rodolphe Guyard
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Roundtable #11: Baggage Handling: Technology to improve the passenger experience, airport operations and their bottom line


Networking Lunch (In Expo Hall)

Jessica Patel
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Technology Innovation Showcase!

4-minute pitches from:
  • Airside Mobile
  • Citiri
  • Token
More to be announced...
Melanie Shapiro, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Token
Airport Tech Experience 2019

Airport Design: Redefining Passenger Experience in North America

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