Aviation IT Show Americas


Airport T.EX is the new stream where we will focus on the convergence of technology and experience inside the airport. 
The main themes will include biometrics, baggage tracking, passenger check-in, beacons, WiFi, lounge design and robotics. 
If you want to target your products and services to the key buyers then this is the perfect platform for you. 


Who sponsors?

  • Cloud, Storage
  • Infrastructure
  • ERP
  • BPO
  • Communication Systems
  • Network infrastructure
  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Implementation Partners
  • Communications

Who attends?

  • CIO
  • CTO
  • IT Director
  • COO/Head of Operations
  • Commercial Director
  • Head of Distribution
  • Head of Ecommerce
  • Head of Website
  • Head of Data analytics
  • Head of Mobile
  • Head of BPO
  • Head of Content
  • Head of Customer Service
  • Head of Technical
  • Airline In-house Data Centre





Get involved!

Contact Michael Ryan at +1 646 619 1787 or michael.ryan@terrapinn.com