2017 agenda- DAY 1 


Keynote Presentation: Implementing a successful business model across the Asia-Pacific

  • Jetstar’s approach to partnerships and how they adapt their model in each market they operate
  • Focusing the approach on customers, low cost shouldn’t mean low customer service
  • Technology and big data: knowing your customers and personalizing the service
  • Dual brand strategy: Qantas and Jetstar’s successful model for full service and LCC airlines.

Keynote Presentation: Taking Spirit to the next level – Sprit’s CEO speaks on their new direction and opportunities regarding the ULCC model

  • The challenges of continuing with the ULCC model, but taking Spirit to the next level.
  • Moving Spirit from being known for just low fares to a more reliable and customer friendly airline that still offers the lowest fares in the industry.
  • Improving on-time performance and reducing customer complaints.

Keynote Presentation: Building a low-cost model without sacrificing customer service – VivaAerobus’ CEO on treating your customer right while being an LCC

  • From bus to air, how Viva Aerobus’ unique business model crafts a brand personality and an entirely different playing field for customer experience
  • Analyzing a shifting customer philosophy that banks on loyalty through the digestion of amazing travel experiences
  • Creating exponential growth in customer engagement by understanding the underlying values of travel, specifically the how and why

Keynote Presentation: Personalization for enhanced ancillary revenue and customer experience – From data to contextual personalization and beyond

World Low Cost Congress

Panel: Retail revenue models –How is the evolution towards the retail model progressing for airlines and will initiatives like NDC remove barriers?

  • How close are we to seeing airlines transition into becoming ‘Amazons of Travel’?
  • Are some airlines in trouble of becoming purely a commodity? 
  • Connecting big data innovation, creativity, and new technology to drive more retail focused airlines
  • What can we learn from the retail sector when it comes to delivering value-led loyalty and rewards for our passengers?
Giulio Manunta,   Head of Revenue,  Iberia Express

Presentation: Personalizing the in-flight experience – How airlines can transform the in-flight experience to make it more personal, compelling and engaging than ever before

  • Home in the sky: How to make passengers feel virtually comforted and entertained like they are at home
  • Why airlines have not done well using data to customize the passenger experience?
  • How digital technologies are opening up many more new possibilities
Aviation Marketing Americas

Roundtable: Disrupting the Travel Experience: How installment payments can be your most powerful marketing tool

  • What is the future of alternative payments in travel?
  • How can installment payments support your ecommerce, loyalty, and distribution strategy?
  • How can a successful payment strategy be a win-win for airlines and their passengers?
Aviation IT Show

Presentation: Leverage Quality Engineering and Sentiment Analysis – Enhance your customer’s digital experience

  • Creating a high-touch, high-value, highly personalized interaction through digital applications
  • Assessing the consequences of poorly designed and tested digital applications; alienation, negative impact of brand image, customer loyalty, and associate revenue
  • Launch of “2017  Sentiment Analysis of Top Airlines Digital Apps”, a Cigniti  research report and its key findings.

Presentation: The extinction of hardwired IFE systems – Are hardwired IFE systems going the way of the dinosaurs?

  • With many customers bringing their PEDs on board legacy IFE’s are fast becoming a second thought?
  • How moving to a fully wireless system and eliminating legacy IFE systems can increase personalization by utilizing mobile platform data
  • Reducing weight by designing a seat with no pre-installed IFE system
Aviation IT Show

Presentation: Airport I.T – Bridging the innovation gap between airlines and airports

  • What are ways of achieving technological parity and creating a collaborative atmosphere between airlines and airport
  • Jumping on innovations in interior geolocation technology and voice technology
  • Understanding how to interface with customers through in-house Wi-Fi, common platforms of social media and learning the technology we should be investing in to provide the most efficient and personalized airport to airline experience

Presentation: Designing the airport of the future – How to differentiate as an airport and create a unique passenger experience?

  • Innovative terminal designs to cope with increasing passenger numbers comfortably
  • Cost-control vs. new service gadgets
  • Moving towards a customer-centric airport: Identifying the pain points and redefining the travel experience
  • ​Addressing the need to balance all stakeholders’ interest within the Canadian User Pay Model
Aviation IT Show

Presentation: Aiming your mobile tech inwards –Now that multiple customer facing applications have been built, see how mobile may benefit our operation

  • Build on existing frameworks to expand platform usability and applications
  • Track assets in an accessible platform to increase employee efficiency and minimize asset-related delays
  • Find new customer-facing applications for your platform by providing selective visibility of customer-related assets
Russell Bright,   Senior Manager, Customer Service Delivery Tools,  United Airlines

1. Scaling disruption: How should airlines manage and scale their disruption communications in the digital (and social) age?


11. Biometric Facial Recognition: Creating ease of access at all touch points by knowing your customer

Ryan Halstead,   Enterprise Account Executive for Americas and A.P.A.C.,  Jumio

12. Low cost long haul model: Building a bullet proof business strategy that aligns revenue, cost, aircraft configuration and route network for long term sustainability


2. Customizing connectivity: Understanding your scope of options regarding connectivity and how to approach your provider to maximize connectivity offering


4. Creating scalable Ease of Access (EoA): Creating a customer experience based on the least amount of steps from booking to landing


5. Video-Based Security: Avoiding everyday situations such as burglary, theft, vandalism, and inappropriate passenger behavior on board that can lead to economic loss and damage of reputation


6. Data, analytics and machine learning: Exploring applications, facing both internal and external aspects of operations and procedural capacity gauging


7. Loyalty & Co-Branding: How co-branding affects your business models, understanding effective loyalty strategies with financial institutions


8. Ancillary strategies –More choices, more revenues: What are the new ancillary products in the marketplace and How to further monetize the travel convenience?


9. 3 ways airlines can turn customers into brand evangelists - How rediscovering the 'why' of travel will transform your marketing position



Aviation Marketing Americas

Presentation: Disruptive promotions & #NocheAerolíneas: using Revenue Management segmentation and Social Media to stimulate demand on a changing macroeconomic environment

  • How Aerolíneas Argentinas strategized for a weak macroeconomic environment impacted by currency devaluation
  • Creating a dynamic business strategy that is able to adapt to a changing socio-economical context
  • An analysis into Aerolíneas Argentinas’ successful development of a methodology which applies Revenue Management Segmentation combined with social media to generate disruptive promotions that stimulate demand without revenue dilution
Aviation Marketing Americas

Workshop: Biometrics and the future of travel

From security to experience, the applications of biometrics seem to improve processes across the board, alleviate pain points, and ultimately keep us more secure. However, with great power comes great responsibility and there is more than meets the eye when it comes to biometrics
  • Looking into a new data economy:  airports as data funnels, data ownership and applications of new mass-data sources
  • Security and logistics:  The new world of universal transparency, looking at what universal biometric implementation means for security
  • Uncertain futures:  Understanding policy, autonomy of data and social responsibilities with biometrics
  • So what now?  Bracing for the biometric boom, strategic partnerships and the future of travel experience
Host:   Joe Leader,   Chief Executive Officer,  Airline Passenger Experience Association
Aviation IT Show

Roundtable: Stealing from the cockpit – Augmented Reality has been used by our pilots for years, what are the possible applications if we take it out of the cockpit?

  • Take the HUDs from the cockpits and into the airport with wearable technology
  • Utilizing AR to deliver relevant contextual information to your employees in order to ensure best customer experience or to create safer and more efficient operational practices
  • What is the possibility of creating a mobile platform that could interface with our customer’s own wearables to deliver relevant journey information?
Aviation Strategies

Panel: Americas route outlook – Strategizing route acquisition to maintain consistent growth and fostering significant ROI

  • Managing capacity: How to achieve sustainable growth, given the region’s huge order book and temptation by some airlines to continue or resume strategic expansion
  • Meeting safety standards: How to collaborate towards a cross-border aviation safety regulation
  • Beyond the maturing LCC penetration rate: Where are the growth opportunities?
Aviation Marketing Americas

Presentation: The power of storytelling in airline marketing – Connecting with your travelers utilizing a tool older than time; narrative

  • Why do we fly - what makes aviation remarkable?
  • Lessons in brand strategy from top airlines featured in SOAR
  • Five rules of good storytelling in aviation
  • The need to appoint a Chief Storyteller
Aviation Strategies

Presentation: Becoming global champions: How to develop and execute a successful global expansion strategy

  • Navigating route acquisition and incentivizing the pursuit of a far-reaching aviation network
  • Planning out in the long-term, adjusting for 10-year labor agreements
  • Preparing tactics to ensure consistent and sustainable revenue growth
Aviation IT Show

Roundtable: The Internet of Things and the customer journey– Facing unseen levels of hyper connectivity, how will IoT affect the customer journey?

  • How can IoT improve stress points throughout the customer journey by utilizing multiple geo-specific access points and device-to-device interfacing
  • How the IoT can improve experience, fuel efficiency and amplify passenger personalization through a system of perpetual communication between access points
  • Finding IoT right now, looking at cross-platform interfacing, managing tech communication streams and addressing security vulnerabilities
The Aviation Interiors Show

Roundtable: Lounge Design – Creating comfortable lounges with minimal space and how to perpetuate brand identity and experience with parity between airplane and airport

  • Understanding the pursuit of comfort and creating cohesion between the airport to airline journey
  • Analyzing parity and brand identity inside of design strategies for lounges
  • Efficiently utilizing space to promote the most comfortable experience while minimizing excess
World Low Cost Congress

Presentation: Tag it and track it – Innovations in baggage handling

  • Analyzing the basic philosophy behind LCC’s—Low fares and demand stimulation
  • Understanding that brand identity should never take a back seat to expansion
  • Achieving brand purity; don’t damage your value proposition by distilling company culture
Aviation Strategies

Presentation: Charging the right prices for the right customers – Dynamic pricing based on loyalty and new opportunities for revenue generation

  • Understand how dynamic pricing is a key to customer-centric distribution
  • Roadmap to true dynamic pricing: What are the blocking elements and how to remove them?
  • How to deal with challenges like old industry standards in pricing
  • Data analytics and price optimization strategies to capture customers with a low willingness to pay


Aviation Marketing Americas

Case Study: Programmatic and how to do personalization at scale – Different travelers exhibit different buying behaviors. Learn to stop thinking of them as a unit and more as individuals

  • Thinking programmatically: How technology makes it possible to reach millions of customers but each with something that seems personally relevant and interesting
  • How programmatic can increase customer conversions and revenue
  • Real-time optimization: Reducing advertising costs whilst increasing conversions
Aviation IT Show

Case Study: Using Translation to drive direct bookings and consumer loyalty – Creating a cultural-specific solution to understand your customers

  • Providing information in a consumer's own language influences buying decisions
  • On average, airlines support fewer than half as many languages as do OTAs
  • New technology makes it possible for airlines to better compete for global consumers
Kyle Martinowich,   Sales Director,  Smartling
Aviation Marketing Americas

Panel: Creating actionable insights: Learn how to properly extract insights from your raw data

  • Good analytics starts with clear purposes: What are the business questions CMOs should focus on to find answers in their data?
  • Processing and interpreting huge volumes of data: What is your number one strategy?
  • Real-life examples of how airlines apply data analytics to solve operational challenges and offer personalized products/services
Amy Labroo,   Director of Digital Marketing,  Virgin America
Andreas Waldmann,   Head of Digital,  Volaris
Aviation IT Show

Presentation: Agile procedural management teams – Reworking your IT internals to shorten time to market

  • How to build effective learning platforms to promote agility
  • Looking internally to foster a tech culture that nurtures reaction time and fast response in a positive way
  • Reworking legacy systems to eliminate redundancy in processes and aid your tech team in shaving off response times to irregular operations
Aviation Strategies

Panel: Future Distribution – How do airlines need to adapt to future direct distribution channels?

  • Drawing a line of comparison between linked data vs. big data
  • Exploring NDC integration with APIs
  • What do airlines need to do today to prepare for technology five to ten years down the road?
Shane Corstorphine,   General Manager of Americas,  Skyscanner
Aviation Marketing Americas

Roundtable: Multi-channel digital marketing: How to convert visitors to paying customers by efficiently utilizing our different digital media channels

  • Understanding the digital tools utilized in marketing strategies
  • Multi-channel marketing teams and how to best utilize your resources to maximize engagement
  • Becoming a master of catalyzing immersive experiences to envelop visitors and create new customers
Aviation IT Show

Presentation: Why not take it all – owning the shopping basket with disruptive packaging technology

  • Packaging for many country PoS +50 markets via one technology platform
  • Multi accommodation supply marketplace for airline packaging
  • Maximizing revenue with high attachment rates for package product upsell
  • Connecting packages into metasearch and other distribution channels

Presentation: Digital Innovations to Drive New Ancillary Revenue

  • Creating a strategy for monetization of abandoning website traffic at zero cost
  • Understand the recipe to triple your ancillary hotel revenue
  • How to unlock a million dollars in annual profit in only 45 minutes

Keynote Presentation: Google’s stealth attack on travel -

  • In the short term, hotels, airlines and existing OTAs will see an opportunity for collaborative incremental demand, however that honeymoon period can’t last forever and Google is already planning well beyond that.
  •  Understanding Google’s surprising strength as quiet intermediary, how long does it take before this bridge gets a toll and who is going to pay it—you or the travelers?
  • How to strategize a push to take back control; withholding inventory and pricing from Google to ensure that the giant doesn’t capitalize on its position as a starting point of travel planning

Keynote Panel: How can we take the connected aircraft beyond entertainment?

  • What future innovative passenger experience elements can we expect will be driven by Wi-Fi?
  • How can we marry ancillary revenue and inflight connectivity?
  • Will KA and KU co-exist and offer sustainability in the next 10 years?