Pascal Mayer | Chief Executive Officer

Pascal Mayer, Chief Executive Officer, Alphanosos

Dr. Pascal Mayer, Ph.D, CEO and CSO, is a biophysicist with a wide experience in DNA sequencing, biofilms, big data management and Artificial Intelligence algorithms development. His inventions lead to the filing of 12 patent families including the core patents behind the world's leading sequencing technology (Illumina), and biofilm measurement technologies (Biofilm Control). Prior to Alphanosos, key experience included VP drug-discovery at BioFilm Control, CEO at Haploys, CSO at Manteia Predictive Medicine (a spin-off from Serono), Scientist at Glaxo-Wellcome and later Serono, postdoc at CNRS and University of Ottawa and PhD at University de Strasbourg.


World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress USA 2018 - Day 1 @ 16:10

Simply using AI for discovering innovative actives against microbes and their biofilms

  • Water Extracts of Complex Mixes of Edible Plants (WECMEPs) and AI for efficient elaboration of safe antimicrobials.
  • Current WECMEPs fighting MDR and XDR bacteria of highest concern to WHO and food safety.
  • Sustainable, personalized and rapid routes to manage acute, chronic and silent infections with WECMEPs, including for emergency responses to emerging microbes and bioterrorism.
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