Nicholas Adomakoh | Global Medical Affairs Lead for Anti-infectives
Sandoz International GmbH

Nicholas Adomakoh, Global Medical Affairs Lead for Anti-infectives, Sandoz International GmbH

Nicholas Adomakoh was recently appointed Global Medical Affairs lead for Anti-infectives at Sandoz (a Novartis Division). In this role, he is responsible for the development and implementation of medical strategies that balance the need to address substantial unmet needs in the field of infectious diseases management with the equally pressing imperative to effectively tackle the growing global challenges presented by AMR.
Nicholas obtained his medical degree from King’s College London and subsequently pursued  a career in infectious diseases. His most recent clinical role was as Consultant in internal medicine and infectious diseases ( Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados) where he worked closely with the Ministry of Health to develop a multi-sectoral programme to ensure access to comprehensive care and treatment for persons living with HIV; this subsequently became a model program for the Caribbean region.
He joined the pharmaceutical industry eight years ago and has since held various medical director positions in virology and infectious diseases therapeutic areas. Prior to joining Sandoz he was the Global Medical Director for Infectious Diseases at Astellas
His principle research interest involves optimizing the use of antimicrobials in patients with infectious diseases. He was recently the study lead and co-author of a Lancet Infectious Diseases publication addressing optimisation of fidaxomicin dosing for treatment of Clostridium difficile infection. He is also interested in the incorporation of digital technologies to enhance the process of discovery and repurposing of antibiotics.


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