Gregory Mario | Chief Executive Officer
TAXIS Pharmaceuticals Inc

Gregory Mario, Chief Executive Officer, TAXIS Pharmaceuticals Inc

Gregory G. Mario, M.B.A. is the President and CEO of TAXIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc.  After receiving his M.B.A. in Finance and Marketing at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, he spent 12 years in life sciences as a sales, marketing, business development, and licensing and acquisition professional.  For the past 14 years, Mr. Mario has pursued multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, including: a role as Senior VP of Business Development with Talk America, a local-long distance telecommunications provider; Partner at MFP, LP, a private equity investment entity focused on the life sciences sector that experienced multiple liquidity events during his tenure; Founder of the Brownstone Advisory Group, a real estate investment concern and; Chairman of the Board of directors at Evogen, a diagnostics start up.


World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress USA 2018 - Day 1 @ 14:30

The functions, failures, successes and future of Efflux Pump Inhibitors

  • Understanding the role of efflux in antibiotic resistance and why previous attempts to develop EPI’s have failed
  • Solving toxicity issues through TAXIS-designed structures to resurrect myriad antibiotics targeting multiple ESKAPE pathogens
  • Commercialization of EPI’s: from low-cost generics to lifecycle brand management
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