Brian Tse | Health Scientist

Brian Tse, Health Scientist, HHS/BARDA

Brian Tse is currently serving as a Health Scientist at the Biomedical Advanced Research & Development Authority (BARDA), the lead organization in the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services for the advanced development and acquisition of medical countermeasures for public health emergencies involving pandemic influenza, emerging infectious diseases, or chemical, biological, and radiological/nuclear threats (CBRN).  
Brian has worked on a variety of projects at BARDA across the CBRN spectrum, helping to establish portfolios focused on severe thermal burn treatments, blood products, and chemical threat countermeasures.  He is now serving in the antibacterial countermeasures branch, focusing on developing novel treatments for combating antibiotic-resistant bacteria. 
His service at BARDA began in the fall of 2010 while serving as a AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellow.  Prior to this, Brian also served as a Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the National Academies.
Brian completed his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Harvard University in 2008 as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Upon receiving his doctorate, he briefly joined the Harvard faculty as a Preceptor, where his work focused on developing new undergraduate science curricula.  He is also an alumnus of the University at Buffalo (SUNY).


World Anti-Microbial Resistance Congress USA 2018 - Day 2 @ 09:45

Keynote Address: Can non-traditional be our next line of defense? Challenges in non-traditional development, stewardship and diagnostic approaches

  • What are the most promising non-traditional therapeutics in the pipeline and are these commercially viable
  • Outlining an action plan for further development, partnered diagnostic development, and stewardship implications
  • Understanding clinical trial regulation and approval pathways for non-traditional in the U.S, Europe and beyond
  • How to get regulators, industry and payers more involved in new and non-traditional therapeutics
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