Michael Stemmle | CEO

Michael Stemmle, CEO, Additiv

Michael Stemmle co-founded additiv back in 1998 and leads the company since then as CEO. He has extensive experience in banking, corporate finance, business development, technology and sales & marketing.
An experienced business leader, Michael has successfully developed and implemented businesses in both expanding markets and during business consolidation times. In the center of Michael’s thinking is always the business strategy of his clients, where IT solutions are the way to implement them.
As CEO of additiv, Michael is at the forefront of fintech innovation and helps clients in the financial services industry enhancing client collaboration while making business more efficient for both the service provider and the client. Michael is a valued board member of several companies in Europe and Asia.


Wealth 2.0 day 2 @ 11:00

Why the future of Digital Wealth comes from the Cloud

  • What benefits does a Cloud-based solution offer to a financial institution?
  • Why are these benefits critical to the survival of incumbents?
  • How to set up a new digital Wealth Management Offering in less than four months
  • How this can become the Launchpad for a broad digital transformation and a winning new operating model

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