Ian Dodd | UK Director

Ian Dodd, UK Director, Premonition

Ian Dodd has held main board appointments in a number of companies in a range of industries and professions and has worked in the UK and abroad.
For the last 15 years he has worked in law firm management, particularly barristers chambers, and as a consultant delivering business management solutions to chambers and others.
Three years ago Ian joined Premonition as UK Director and has seen the uptake of Premonition’s services grow as clients come to understand how AI-derived data can help them and their own clients.
Premonition has the world’s largest litigation database, bigger than all the others combined, and can find every detail about every court case in any country, irrespective of the language or alphabet, as long as the data is on-line and available.
The headline news about those who instruct lawyers using Premonition’s objective and quantitative information on court performance – the win/loss ratios – was soon overtaken by the use of more nuanced data sets.
Insurers are using Premonition data to reduce risk and exposure. Brokers are using the data to offer cover against quantum in court appeals. Property management businesses are searching for distressed bank loans, the subject of court action for recovery, to buy and collect. Corporate GC’s use the data to select winning legal firms for their panels. The surface of the potential uses of this data has only been scratched


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