AGENDA DAY 2 - Thursday 30 November



09.00: Opening remarks from the chair

09.10: Wealth 2.0 – Knowledge digitisation prompts a revolution in the investment value-chain
•    How can new technologies redraw the workflows by putting customer and their goals in the centre.
•    Champion knowledge digitisation, giving all business units augmented views of customers.
•    Enable cognitive gamification where clients’ needs are bundled into engaging value-added services.
•    Adapt business models to a single digital platform that bundles back all FinTech services.
Paolo Sironi , Author, ‘Fintech Innovation’

09.40: Leveraging digital solutions to improve all aspects of the customer journey
•    The main reasons behind the decision to invest in new wealth management experience for their clients
•    How did BNP Paribas create a culture which encourages rapid digital innovation in the business? 
•    Exploring new technologies and services that would take the customer experience to the next level
•    Looking towards the future: New services and solutions on the horizon
Thierry Derungs , Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth Management

10.00: Keynote panel discussion: How is data analytics transforming the investment and wealth management industry?
•    How can data analytics help firms achieve greater insight and understanding of their business as well as their clients?
•    Using data analytics to communicate with clients in a targeted way: How will this change the industry?
•    How can data analytics be used to explore information and identify and track key performance indicators?
•    What are the latest software developments for collecting, storing and interpreting data?
Thierry Derungs , Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Wealth Management
Paolo Sironi
, Author, ‘Fintech Innovation’
Isla Mackenzie
, Global Head of Marketing and External Communications, Aviva Investors

10.40: Sponsor slot: Preparing for the new horizon: Introducing a new era of customer segmentation and cognitive computing
•    The power of data: How can the wealth management industry use data to predict and address the needs of tomorrow’s client?
•    Using data analytics to increase personal engagement with your customer and improve profitability
•    Creating an intuitive experience with a cognitive solution and improving customer service and retention
•    Improve data models and create innovative segmentation and engagement to drive customer retention and acquisition
Reserved for IBM

11.00: Morning Tea



11.40: Artificial intelligence in wealth management: What can it do today and what will it do in 5 years’ time?
•    The reality of AI tech: To what extent can it really improve the WAM industry?
•    The importance of trust in today’s WAM industry and AI’s role in achieving this
•    Outlining the importance of engaging with AI in order to stay ahead of the competition
•    Why is AI important now: The availability of data and better algorithms with lower computing costs
•    The emerging AI economy: Taking a look at some relevant case studies
Chi Lee , Chief Investment Officer,  Agenda Invest

12.00: Sponsor slot: Data-driven artificial intelligence applications to make better informed investment decisions and drive business growth
•    How can artificial intelligence Empower knowledge workers with the exact data that they need?
•    AI and its ability to help advisors better use unstructured data to optimize business processes
•    The ultimate potential for AI to find intelligence and insight to make the right decisions quickly
•    Artificial intelligence and the WAM industry: What it could look like in 2030 and solutions to stay ahead of the game
12.20: Panel discussion: How could artificial intelligence be used to enhance business growth in the wealth and asset management industry?
•    Which AI opportunities have the potential to sufficiently improve your service to warrant the cost of investment?
•    Should firms invest in this technology: What difference will it actually make?
•    What could AI do for robo advisors and how can they work together?
•    What are the implications of AI on the role of the advisor: Is it a replacement or an enabler?
Chi Lee , Chief Investment Officer,  Agenda Invest
Pascal Bouvier
, Venture Partner,  Santander InnoVentures
Holger Knauer
, CEO and CRO,  Catana Capital
Alistair Haig
, Research and Teaching Fellow,  Edinburgh Business School


11.40: The rise of Robo-Advice 2.0: do investors still need humans? 
•    How has Robo-Advice transformed the industry for the better: More transparency, lower fees and greater accessibility 
•    Introducing Robo-Advice 2.0: Building the most accurate risk/return projections for clients and providing personalised portfolios for each investor
•     Could robots be better investors than humans and if so, do we still need humans to tell us how to invest our money?
Adam French , Founder,  Scalable Capital
12.00: Sponsor slot: Capitalising on ETF investment opportunities
•    How are future trends paving the way for popularity in ETFs (with particular focus on the rise of the robo-advisor)?
•    How are ETF’s the great and natural partner for robo-advisors?
•    Improving portfolio construction and diversification through the use of ETFs
•    Outlining the key benefits of a passive investment strategy
12.20: Panel discussion: Opening new markets: Which demographics and what type of person will robo-advice appeal to?
•    What are the new opportunities for robo advisor 1.0 and 2.0?
•    Robo around the world: Which regions has robo-tech taken off in?
•    What characteristics will appeal to robo advice?
•    Could robo be attractive for a new type of investor and what’s it possibility for closing the financial advice gap?
Shaun Port , Chief Investment Officer,  Nutmeg
Jet Lali
, Regional Head of Marketing EMEA, Africa and the Middle East,  UBS
Toby Triebel
, CEO Europe,  Wealthsimple
Daniel Thomson
, Senior Digital Product Manager, Financial Planning & Retirement,  Lloyds Banking Group

13.00: Networking Lunch

14.20: Panel discussion: Machine learning: What does this really mean for the wealth and asset management community going forward?
•    Does machine learning mean the end of the asset manager?
•    How might machine learning alter the role of the wealth and the fund managers?
•    Will advisory and fund management become close under machine learning?
•    Using ML to enhance customisation: Does this mean better client service?
Michael Kollo , Deputy Head of Research, Axa Rosenberg Equities
Julien Cuisinier
, Head of Investment Analytics, Henderson Global Investors
Andres Villaquiran
, Founder and CEO, Alkanza
Giuliano De Rossi
, Head of European Quantitative Research, Macquarie Group Limited 

15.00: Blockchain and the WAM industry: What is the ultimate potential for lowering risk and cutting down on operational costs? 
•    Outlining the work being undertaken to investigate the potential of blockchain in the financial services industry
•    Blockchain’ s role in modernising, streamlining and securing administrative tasks and significantly reducing manual processes
•    What do the latest findings tell us about blockchain’ s ability to reduce banks infrastructure costs?
•    Moving forwards to the next 36 months: What are the next steps for blockchain and its role in financial services?
Justin Chapman , Senior Vice President Global Head Market Advocacy and Innovation Research, Northern Trust Corporation

15.30: From Markowitz to Merton, how to reconcile the way we manage money with our client’s expectations? 
•    Taking a look at the powerful concepts developed by the financial industry following Harry Markowitz: Market portfolio, funds, active management and smart beta
•    Can we measure the real value added of these concepts and how are FinTechs implementing them at low cost? 
•    Anticipating the disruption that will come with a client centric approach to PM over the entire life cycle
•    Which new tools will be required: Dynamic programming and the Merton framework
•    Adapting to a client centric world: Moving PM from a short-term obsession to out-perform to a long-term hedge against undesired outcomes
Charles Nollet , Chief Investment Officer, CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe)

15.50: End of Conference




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