AGENDA DAY 1 - Wednesday 29 November


09.00:     Opening Remarks from the Chair
John Barrass,
Deputy Chief Executive, Wealth Management Association

09.05:    The future of wealth management: Examining a changing landscape
•    The new customer’s demands and their role in shaping the wealth management industry
•    Realising the value from digital excellence: How is technology transforming the wealth industry?
•    The impact of fintech on the big players: How are Barclays keeping up in a digitally dominated world?
•    How are Barclays driving change in delivering investment strategies for their clients?
Dena Brumpton, CEO, Barclays Wealth and Investments UK
09.25: Lessons on disruption from an incumbent: how a focus on client needs, rather than new competitors, led us to UBS SmartWealth
•    The impact of robo-advice on the wealth management industry: An opportunity and a challenge
•    The evolution of UBS SmartWealth: How did UBS incorporate UBS SmartWealth into their business strategy
•    How technology can be used to improve client service, and where the human touch should still prevail
•    The role of robo-advice in wealth management: growing the addressable market and meeting the expectations of younger generations
Nick Middleton , Co-Head, UBS SmartWealth
09.45: Sponsor slot: Leveraging technology to meet the needs of the connected investor
•    What new ways are companies connecting with clients and how can your firm stay ahead of the game?
•    Introducing a customer success platform to improving transparency, trust and value
•    Examining the role of personalisation in the new era of wealth and what it can do for financial relationships
•    Looking at a relevant case study: What has the platform done already?
10.05: Speed Networking
10.25: Morning Tea
11.15: C-Suite Panel discussion: How is digital transformation changing the investment and wealth industries?
•    What role might the relationship manager play in an increasingly digital world?
•    Which technologies have the greatest potential to disrupt the WAM market?
•    How will the changing nature of wealth affect the client relationship?
•    Who are the main beneficiaries of digitalisation: Customer, bank, advisor or everyone?
Dena Brumpton , CEO, Barclays Wealth and Investments UK
Michael O’Sullivan , Chief Investment Officer, International Wealth Management, Credit Suisse
Simon Smiles , Chief Investment Officer, UHNW, UBS
Richard Theo , CEO, Wealthify
Moderated by : John Barrass, Deputy Chief Executive, Wealth Management Association
Reserved for Saxo Markets
11.45: Keynote panel discussion: Is an ETF based investment strategy the way forward in a digitally dominated future?  
•    Why are new market entrants using ETFs and what are their relative advantages and disadvantages?
•    New millennial traits: Who is your customer and how do they want to invest?
•    Taking a look at market trends: What do consumers expect today and tomorrow?
•    How much control will the client of tomorrow want in their investment decisions?
Nick Middleton , Co-Head, UBS SmartWealth
Richard Flax , Chief Investment Officer, MoneyFarm
12.15: Networking Lunch


13.35: Panel discussion: How will robo advisors revolutionise the entire investment value chain? 
•    What do customers want and not want from robo advisors and how does this change between demographics of clients?
•    How are asset management and wealth management morphing with robo tech?
•    Is robo advice best for long, medium or short term investments?
•    How do you create the right balance between automated and human touch points?
•    What happens when robos get it wrong?
Michael Mellinghoff  , Founder,  Techfluence 
Richard Flax  , Chief Investment Officer,  MoneyFarm   
Joe Ziemer  , Vice President of Communications,  Betterment 
Luis Rivera  , Co-Founder and CEO,  ETFmatic


14.05: Sponsor: Selecting and implementing an automated advisory platform 
•    Considerations when selecting a platform and provider: What features does my client need?
•    Purchasing the necessary technology resources to design, develop and deliver a robo advice platform quickly and cost effectively
•    Understanding the robo advice market from tech perspective
•    Outlining the tech challenges of integrating a robo-advice offer into existing technology eco-systems
•    Accessing current best practices, technologies and solutions
UBS Global Asset Management  
14.25: Panel discussion: The evolution of portfolio innovation - which theory should the WAM industry now look to?

•    Interesting modelling innovation theories that have recently developed: Which are forecast to be prevalent in the future of wealth management?
•    What are the key issues associated with Modern Portfolio Theory: What is the evidence for and against it? 
•    Can Behavioural Portfolio Theory overcome some of the challenges associated with Modern Portfolio Theory? 
•    Which behavioural factors can be used to understand customer behaviour and for portfolio construction?
Adam French , Founder,  Scalable Capital
Guillaume Piard
, Founder and CEO,  Nalo
Charles Nollet
, Chief Investment Officer,  CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe)
Reserved for CFRA Research 


13.35: Panel discussion: Engaging your future consumer with financial planning: What must be done today?
•    Understanding the next generation of customers: How do they behave and what do they want from their investments?
•    How are companies preparing to engage millennials and generation Z investors?
•    Which channels should firms be present in to accurately attract new investors? 
•    Social media and customer engagement: How active should you be?
Ben Stanway , Co-Founder,  MoneyBox
Clare Francis , Head of Customer Engagement and Content,  Barclays
Adam Dodds , Founder,
Tony Vail , Chief Innovation Officer,  Wealth Wizards

14.05: Sponsor slot: Unify client experience and amplify the message of your brand 
•    Using a complete client engagement platform to effectively use digital
•    Empower your advisor to use digital technology to build better relationships that improve your business
•    Control your brand and manage campaigns at scale
•    Providing reporting and analytics so your team can continuously optimize marketing programs
Reserved for swissQuant
14.25: Understanding millennial traits to connect and engage with your new customer
•    What sets millennials apart from other customers: Values, hopes and ambitions
•    Where are millennials found and how can firms reach them?
•    Relationship with money: Where do millennials spend and save?
•    What type of customer experience do you need to offer in order to attract a younger generation?
Maria Jose Jorda Garcia , Head of Customer Experience Transformation,  BBVA
14.45: Using data insight and analytics to ensure a customer-driven digital transformation
•    Using data to engage directly with the customer and to help them make better investment decision
•    How can we use data to segment and target our customer base and give them the right financial support?
•    Best methods for measuring our progress: Ensuring good commercial outcomes for the business as well as good financial outcomes for the customer
Mary Harper , Head of Strategy, Customer Data and Digital,  Standard Life     


13.35: Panel discussion: Moving from innovation to adoption: How do you properly integrate digital skills into your firm?
•    Should wealth management companies buy or build their own robo advisor platforms?
•    Should technology be developed internally, through a partnership or via the acquisition of a current partner?
•    Buying a fintech product: the pros and cons of becoming the middle man
•    Do traditional firms have the required agility to respond to tomorrow’s challenges?
James Dunne , Head of Digital Investing,  Santander UK
Ophir Gartner
, CEO,
Jan Enno Einfeld
, Head of Investing,  Comdirect Bank AG
14.05: Sponsor slot: Transforming your office to capitalising on the digital community 
•    What will the modern office look like: layout, design, facilities
•    How can working environment encourage essential digital skills: What must be put in place and why?
•    Determining the right mix of flexible working spaces, private working areas and breakout spaces for collaboration
•    Examining case studies: How has working environment aided digital transformation in companies
14.25: Keeping your employees at the heart of the digital transformation 
•    What needs to be done internally to ensure a successful digital transformation
•    How do internal operations effect the customers external experience?
•    How do you encourage employees to be more digitally comfortable and how do you change deep-seated behaviours?
•    evidence-based solutions that align key business drivers to user needs and positive outcomes
Alberta Soranzo , End-to-End Service Design Director,  Lloyds Banking Group
14.45: 5 key benefits of social media to your digital wealth management business strategy
•    Know what your customers are saying and where and when they are saying it
•    Locate and engage with prospects and next-gen clients
•    Deepening existing relationships in order to retain current assets and improve customer experience
•    Using social media to quickly respond to reputable complaints
•    Expand your professional network via social media
Kirsten Burt , Head of Marketing,  UBS Wealth Management, UK & Jersey
15.05: From hedge funds to autonomous algorithmic cloud trading  
•    The difference between traditional hedge funds and new distributed “hedge networks”
•    Centralization of assets vs. provision of trading intelligence 
•    Keeping full control over own assets, lowering costs , simpler regulatory framework and avoiding errors under stress
•    Putting at work probability theory, theoretical physics and artificial intelligence
•    Can machines predict crashes? 
Dr. Carlo A. Trugenberger , CEO,  SwissScientific Technologies SA


15.05: Cutting through the noise: reaching out to first time investors
•    Identifying and catering to an underserved market segment
•    Getting the attention of an audience who may not know they need your service
•    Building a human brand as a digital service
•    Growing and maintaining investor engagement for the long term
Toby Triebel , CEO Europe,  Wealthsimple

15.25: Afternoon Networking Break

16.05: Sponsor: How to unify client experience and amplify the message of your brand 
•    Using a complete client engagement platform to effectively use digital
•    Empower your advisor to use digital technology to build better relationships that improve your business
•    Control your brand and manage campaigns at scale
•    Providing reporting and analytics so your team can continuously optimize marketing programs

16.25: Keynote panel discussion: Improving your customer’s digital experience to increase retention
•    What digital offerings are companies using to improve customer retention?
•    How does that experience change across different channels?
•    Avoiding abandonments through an improved customer experience
•    Loyalty schemes and rewards: What’s working?
Frederic Lenoir , Chief Marketing, Communications and Innovation, Natixis Interepargne
Isla Mackenzie
, Global Head of Marketing and External Communications, Aviva Investors
David Slattery
, Head of Life Digital, Bank of Ireland
Mary Harper
, Head of Strategy, Customer Data and Digital, Standard Life

16.55: Champagne roundtables: Delegates can choose a discussion of their choice

Social media : a pathway to trust or a serious risk to the advisor network?

John Barrass , Deputy Chief Executive, Wealth Management Association

Artificial Intelligence : what could this do for Robo-advisors?
Alistair Haig , Research and Teaching Fellow, Edinburgh Business School

Customer engagement in wealth : Engaging consumers both directly and via intermediaries
Alistair Welham , Head of Marketing, Elevate – Standard Life    


Robo advice in the mortgage industry

John Ingrim , Founder and CEO, Mortgage Gym

Managing a wealth transformation project : Deliver successful people and organisational change programmes
Shauna Mullin , Senior Transformation Manager, Santander UK

Robo advisors: Relative strengths and weaknesses of 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0
Joe Ziemer , Vice President of Communications, Betterment

EFTS: How can they work with the robo advisor? 
Luis Rivera , Co-Founder and CEO, ETFmatic

Goal based investing: Pre-conditions and success factors 
Guillaume Piard , Founder and CEO, Nalo


17.35: THE PITCH:
In ten minutes hear from start-ups that are innovating and disrupting
•    The proposition
•    Technical features
•    Benefits
•    Why you should invest/deploy/partner
Moderated by: Michael Mellinghoff , Founder, Techfluence
Can Ertugrul , Head of Partner Acquistion, WikiFolio
18.20: End of Day One
18.30: Happy hour in the exhibition hall



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