Open to:
All fixed and mobile operators who appear in the Total Telecom Global 100 Operators ranking. As a guide, this means all operators with reported annual revenues of at least E500 Million. If you are unclear if you qualify, contact

This category will be assessed by our independent panel of judges.


About this category:
The judges are not looking for the largest operators, but are looking for one that others would do well to emulate. The winner will demonstrate a:

• strong service portfolio with investment in network and service development
• a growing–and satisfied–customer base
• execution of a clear and ambitious strategic plan.
• the judges are interested in major, business-changing developments, such as significant investment in new business areas or markets.

The entry should focus primarily on developments during the period 1 November 2015 to 30 April 2018.



Your entry


INTRODUCTION (tell us what it is in <50 words)

Enter your company name.


SUMMARY (what you did and why <500 words)

• Demonstrate the scope of your business. Which regions and markets do you operate in?
• Briefly explain your business strategy.
• What are your core areas of focus for generating growth
• What were your key developments during the entry period?
• What investments/improvements did you make? Include details of any major acquisitions and new service launches
• What were the key market trends and how did you address them?
• How do you differentiate your offering from the competition?
• In what way is your business innovative in an increasingly competitive market?


RESULTS (show evidence <500 words)

• Show evidence of sound management, clear strategic direction and solid performance.
• What were your biggest achievements during the entry period?
• What progress did you make in terms of achieving your long-term strategic goals?
• How did you measure success during the period?
• Provide evidence of revenue and/or earnings growth
• How did your customer base develop and how did you increase customer satisfaction?



Provide up to three supporting testimonials.





Judges' tips:

Strong testimonials from satisfied customers are vital in this category. The judges are also looking for evidence of development, in terms of new, innovative services and reach. The winning entrant should show that is has identified the changing needs of its customer base and is addressing those needs, as well as focusing on business development.


Last year's winner

This category replaces Best Global Operator, which was won by NTT Comm in 2017 and 2016, and by AT&T in 2015. This is a great opportunity for an impressive performer who is not necessarily a global player to take the crown!



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