Open to:
Chief Technology Officers, or equivalent job titles, at telecoms operators.

This category will be assessed by our independent panel of judges.


About this category:
The judges' key areas of focus are: customer experience, looking at how well the CTOs have improved customer satisfaction and user-centric performance; technology prowess, in terms of future readiness and deployment of forward-looking technologies; and contribution to the creation of compelling, long-term and efficient operating models.

The entry should focus in particular on achievements during the period 1 November 2015-30 April 2018.



Your entry


INTRODUCTION (tell us what it is in <50 words)

What is the name of your Chief Technology Officer? What is his/her official job title?


SUMMARY (what you did and why <500 words)

Outline your CTO's strategy for improving customer satisfaction and user-centric performance.

What is your CTO's technology roadmap?

• What new technologies did you deploy during the entry period?
• What plans do you have for future technology deployments?

What role does your CTO play when it comes to the creation of compelling and efficient operating models?

• What disruptive moves are you making in this area?


RESULTS (show evidence <500 words)

How has the overall customer experience improved?

• Show how network quality translates to user-centric KPIs
• Provide details of any other sources of sustainable differentiation

How do you measure future readiness?

How ready are you to deploy next-generation networks?

Explain how the CTO has helped your company to adapt to evolving market trends.



Provide up to three supporting testimonials.





Judges' tips:

The best entries in this category will be those that clearly articulate the CTO's role in the company's success. Evidence is also important: back up your claims with supporting statistics.


Last year's winner

Alexandre Fonseca – Altice, Portugal Telecom



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