Category 6 - Woman Executive of the Year

Open to: All women executives of pharma and biotechs only

This award is to recognise and honour a woman achiever based not just on what she has done for biopharma industry, but also what she has done for the society. It is a celebration of courage, grit and professionalism that has brought about optimal results for the industry. The nominee must play a significant role in the Asia region and has exhibited these qualities during the 12 months prior to the congress date.

Candidate should possess the following qualities:

  • Degree of outstanding commitment to disease prevention and treatment 
  • Level of exemplary leadership throughout the year
  • Contribution to company performance, communication and vision
  • Influence within the Asia biopharma industry
  • Achievements made with regards to company positioning and status

Winner of the Woman Executive of the Year Award at the 2nd annual BioPharma Asia Industry Excellence Awards:

Ms Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Chief Managing Director, Biocon

 Receiving on behalf: Shreehas Tambe, Associate Vice President, Projects & Engineering, Biocon, India