So you want to know what you need to do to write a winning entry.

You may have a tried and true method for structuring your award submissions, in which case you're able to stick to it. But if you want to know a few hints and tips to impress the judges – look no further:

1) Be concise. Judges have a lot of entries to look through so you need to give them the information they want (more on this below) as quickly as possible. Asia Communication Award-winning submissions tend to stick to the word limit. Equally, if you're linking to a case study video or show reel we recommend keeping it under 2 minutes in length.

2) Take the judges on your journey to excite them about your work. Tell them:

  • What was the brief or business challenge you set out to solve?
  • What was your solution? In other words, what did you create, build or do?
  • What made your product or solution stand out?
  • Why was it effective? We cannot overstate how important it is to tell the judges about the impact of your work and to back this up with metrics. Judges love hard data and they love to see measurable business results.
  • Tell them about case studies and testimonials.

3) Keep in mind the judging criteria. The criteria are explained in each category and we recommend giving your submission one final check with these in mind.

In 2016, we honoured some of the biggest innovators in telecoms. This year, you could be joining the prestigious list of names alongside NTT Communications, Telstra, Smart Communications and Huawei.