Gilbert Gagnaire | Founder And Chief Executive Officer

Gilbert Gagnaire, Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Easymile

Gilbert Gagnaire is the CEO at EasyMile. He has a background of software engineer and over the course of his career, he held R&D, consulting, business development and senior management roles within a number of financial software companies.  
Gilbert co-founded Fermat in 1996, a software company providing risk management and compliance solutions to the banking industry. He relocated in Singapore in 2005 to start Fermat's operations in Asia Pacific and stayed there after Fermat was acquired by Moody's in 2008.
He has spent 3 years traveling, backpacking, trekking, climbing, and skiing around the world before he undertook the construction of a boutique hotel in North Bali. After 2 years of efforts, the resort opened in spring 2014.
In June 2014, Gilbert launched EasyMile.


Smart Mobility 2019 day 1 @ 13:50

Panel The intelligent transport system: integration and transformation

  • Envisioning future mobility: seizing the opportunities coming with the new mobility wave
  • Ensuring efficient, sustainable transportation for customers
  • Incorporating self-driven units
  • Balancing benefits: greater value for money vs coming at human cost
  • Supporting new applications and business models for manufacturing
last published: 13/Mar/19 10:35 GMT

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