Smart Mobility - Day 1

Middle East Smart Mobility, Tuesday 26 February 2019


Hiroshi Saijou

Designing transportation of 2050: disruption from the inside

Panel Designing transportation of 2050: disruption from the inside
  • Outlining what transport and infrastructure systems will need to cope with rising demand, nationally and internationally
  • Driving economic growth with advanced groundbreaking transportation infrastructure
  • Adapting to key industry challenges in creating a digital roadmap
  • Pioneering ‘smart’ strategies to disrupt and enhance the industry:
    • adapting to the rate of automation
    • improving efficiency
Jan Pettersson, Head of Electrified Roads Project, Swedish Transport Administration

Transportation 2050: rethinking urban planning for a digital, technological future

  • Harnessing technology to provide safer, reliable and more efficient services: ‘mega-efficiency’ in megacities
  • Managing and implementing advanced digital innovation for an enigmatic future
  • Using technology to optimise public transport routes, reduce vehicle congestion and increase passenger safety
  • Creating an ecosystem of value with adjacent transportation provider partnership
  • Facilitating a ubiquitous global logistics network

Integrated mobility: from visionary concept to ground-breaking reality

  • Establishing strategic partnerships for seamless urban mobility and rapid distribution of goods: realising strategic mobility objectives and how to get involved
  • Generating intelligent networks from port to port for efficient, sustainable, cost effect transport
  • Looking at the future of hubs and the impact on transport infrastructure and economic growth
  • Leveraging digital tools and sound consultancy for smooth planning, implementation and operation
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Ministerial address reserved for H.E. Dr Abdulla Belhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development, Chairman, Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime, UAE


Ministerial address reserved for H.E. Mr. Kalifa bin Saeed Al-Abri, Assistant Secretary General, Economic & Development Affairs, GCC General Secretariat


Ministerial address reserved for H.E. Dr Rumaih Al Rumaih, President, Public Transport Authority, President, Saudi Railways Organisation


Ministerial address reserved for H.E. Dr Hesham Arafaat, Minister, Ministry of Transport, Egypt


Ministerial address reserved for H.E. Shri Rajen Gohain, Minister, Ministry of Railways, India


Fit for future urbanisation: intelligent, digitalised and disruptive transportation business models

  • Harnessing disruptive mobility through policy and regulation
  • Defining ‘smart urbanisation’ and integrating intelligent transport and infrastructure
  • Providing economic growth and effective, efficient public services with digital
  • Distributing smart projects and capitalisting on technology
    • electric vehicle expansion
    • advancing automation
    • human and machine interaction
  • Enabling and experimenting with microtransit strategies: improving first and last mile connections with on-demand, flexible sharing structures
  • Complementing urban livability, sustainability and connectivity with smart mobility and the digitalisation of networks

 A new era in transport: serving smart, digitalised economies

  • Meeting the new challenges of emdedding urban transport with innovative, competitive technology
  • Establishing network-wide digital integration and leveraging digital processes
  • Adopting smart systems for seamless operations and experiences and applying a multi-disciplinary service models
  • Equipping existing infrastructure, systems and assets with digitalised characteristics, tools and capabilities
  • Adapting business models to embrace new and advancing technologies
  • Investing in long term growth: discussing how smart, digitalised transport impacts economic and urban development
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Oualid Ali
Middle East Smart Mobility



Panel discussion
Middle East Smart Mobility

Panel The intelligent transport system: integration and transformation

  • Envisioning future mobility: seizing the opportunities coming with the new mobility wave
  • Ensuring efficient, sustainable transportation for customers
  • Incorporating self-driven units
  • Balancing benefits: greater value for money vs coming at human cost
  • Supporting new applications and business models for manufacturing
Panel discussion
Middle East Smart Mobility

Panel Approaching autonomy: driving driverless

  • Embracing autonomous, driverless vehicles
  • Noting the potential cross industry challenges: cost, safety and trust
  • Preparing existing systems to coordinate requirements
  • Commissioning the complementing technology
  • Coping with already crowded infrastructure and systems
  • Prophesising societal implications
Mohammed Faisal Al Dossari
Middle East Smart Mobility

The ‘game of drones’: autonomous aerial flight

  • Highlighting the new opportunities in drone travel and training capabilities
  • Adhering to regulatory changes while maximising performance and efficiency
  • Increasing air traffic management capabilities with drones
  • Reviewing the effects on the rail industry. The answer to the ‘last mile’ challenge
Middle East Smart Mobility

Connected and automated vehicle technologies

  • Competing in the new mobility marketplace
  • Complementing existing fleets with smart, autonomous vehicles and rolling stock
  • Understanding opportunities for new, innovative business models
  • Training smart decision-making systems and achieving cost reduction
  • Increased production efficiency with real time, infrastructure dataReserved for sponsor


Panel discussion
Middle East Smart Mobility

Panel: Presenting a new city dynamism: the circular economy and hyper collaboration

  • Combining shared mobility, autonomy, and electrification for optimal sustainable mobility
  • Promoting the use of public and shared transport systems and networks: easy and incentivised
  • Reviewing the circular economy
  • Exploring digital enablers for sustainable mobility
    • electrification
    • apps
    • MaaS
Faisal Rashid
Middle East Smart Mobility

Achieving sustainable development to create low carbon economy

  • Investigating the green mobility and electrification of vehicles initiatives in Dubai
  • Developing future conditions for electric vehicles through adhering to necessary policy and infrastructure changes
  • Exploring potential strategies and roadmaps required to support transport growth by 2030
Dina Mustafa
Middle East Smart Mobility

Investing in alternative energy sources

  • Diversifying from diesel with alternative fuel sources
  • Developing zero emission with electrified routes
  • Looking to liquid and natural gas and hydrogen fuel cells for power
  • Low carbon, sustainable materials for manufacturing
  • Examining battery powered and electric motor capabilities
Peter Harris
Middle East Smart Mobility

Incorporating sustainable logistics into future strategies

  • Reasons to act on sustainable logistics
  • Improving efficiency: big data and big numbers
  • Overcoming challenges associated with choosing and implementing alternative technologies
  • Understanding what the customer actually wants
  • All wrapped up in transparency
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