Technology integration, optimisation and ROI for infrastructure managers and operators - RailTel Europe 2013

Dr Marc Antoni | Head of Technological Innovation Department
Sncf Infrastructur Direction

Dr Marc Antoni, Head of Technological Innovation Department, Sncf Infrastructur Direction

Dr Marc Antoni began his 35 year career in the rail industry with SNCF in 1977. He has since progressed through various positions and is now Head Of Technological Innovation. He graduated with a Doctorate from the University of Braunschweig in 2009.. As Head of Technological Innovations Division, Marc's responsibilities and accomplishments include:. - Techno-economic studies related to the future management agreement. - Research and European benchmark to increase the performance of the Infrastructure. - Support strategic, technical and economic subjects of management CSC. - Supervision of research projects - Expert SNCF since 2007 - patents. - Expert level 4 Synapses "Engineering Maintenance & Asset Management". In addition to his extensive work history in the rail industry, Marc has accomplished various other milestones in his career including (but not limited to) the following:. - Member of the editorial board of the journal Signal & Draht (German). - Member the rank of Fellows of the IRSE (Institute for Railway Signalling Engineer) (English). - Member of VDEI (Verein Deutscher Eisenbahn Institute) (German). - Member of Graduate School of East Paris and the Institute of risk management (IMdR). - Courses and interventions in schools: ENPC (Engineer and Master), UTC (Master), CNAM (Master MISCTIF), ENSAM Metz, Ecole des Mines de St Etienne, Université Lille 1 - Telecoms. - Participation in international conferences: - Prize "Best Paper" at the World Congress of Infrastructure Research (WCCR 2008). - Prize "Lambda Mu gold" in Congress ?µ17 (La Rochelle 2010). - Participation in working groups of the UIC:. - Group "Asset Management". - Group "Infracost" (LICB). - Publications in scientific journals or specialty:. - French: EI, The Annals of the strategy, Revue Generale des Chemins de Fer (RGCF). Review with proofreading: Software Engineering Journal, Journal Transportation Research Safety (RTS). - German: ETR, Signal & Draht, Der Eisenbahn Engineer (AE) - English: JRR, IRSE NEWS, RTR, UIC publications - Participation in the publication of several books on computer security specialist. - Patent: Patent No. 080,726 European "method of validating a system command / control / can be validated by the process" [PIPC and Formal Validation]. - Patent: Patent - Application No. 1157519 "detection system of a shunt on a rail" [UM71 DC DC].

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Appearances at this years' conference:

Day One: Wednesday 20th February

@ 09.45
Stakeholder brainstorm: how to overcome critical challenges to successful GSM-R implementation and management

  • What are the key operational challenges identified to date?
  • What key logistical or managerial challenges have been met with and overcome? How was this achieved?
  • What key development areas have been identified going forward for successful operation of GSM-R networks?
  • How can train operators leverage the expertise of telecom sector in cross-border roaming?


  • › Dr Marc Antoni, Head of Technological Innovation Department, Sncf Infrastructur Direction
@ 15.00
How to formally validate computerized critical systems

  • Have we recognized that for software, the delivery of absolute numerical safety targets is considered to be impossible, and the methods contained in the CENELEC standard produce a probability that certain (unsafe) failure rates will be archived rather than an absolute assurance?
  • The presented method makes it possible, after a rigorous and cost effective design, to validate formally the functional software of critical computerized systems

  • › Dr Marc Antoni, Head of Technological Innovation Department, Sncf Infrastructur Direction
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