Dr Sue Knight | Lecturer, School of Education
University of South Australia | Australia

Dr Sue Knight, Lecturer, School of Education, University of South Australia

Dr Sue Knight researches and teaches within the University of South Australia's School of Education. Her research interests include the development of justificatory reasoning skills and embedding philosophy in school curricula across the year levels, and she has published extensively in these areas. Dr Knight drafted the SA Years 11 and 12 Philosophy curriculum and remains actively involved with the South Australian Association of Philosophy for Children. In 2010 she served as chief evaluator of the NSW Ethics Course Trial, and is curriculum writer for Primary Ethics, the organisation delivering Ethics classes as an alternative to Scripture in NSW public schools.

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Dr Sue Knight @ other events

Appearances at this years' conference:

Conference Day 2: Friday 22 June 2012

@ 11.15
How can we teach ethics?

  • Does relativism pose a danger to ethical thinking?
  • To what extent should we respect the views of others?
  • What basic understandings underpin well reasoned ethical judgement?
  • How can we support children to think for themselves about what is morally right and wrong?
  • Philosophical ethics in NSW public schools: teaching for reasoned ethical decision making